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java8-the-missing-tutorial - Java 8 for all of us

  •    Java

Java 8 is not a new topic anymore. There are many good books published on it. Still I meet many Java developers unaware of the power of Java 8. The goal of this microbook is to cover some of the most important Java 8 features and how they can help developers in their day to day programming. This is based on my 7 days with Java 8 blog series.

java8-tutorial - Modern Java - A Guide to Java 8

  •    Java

This article was originally posted on my blog. Java 8 enables us to add non-abstract method implementations to interfaces by utilizing the default keyword. This feature is also known as virtual extension methods.


  •    Java

Compiling EE3 - For those that want the latest unreleased features. Contributing - For those that want to help out.

WebIDE - Coding WebIDE Community Edition

  •    Shell

Coding WebIDE(https://ide.coding.net) is a cloud-based IDE developed by Coding Team.You can create your own workspace and develop projects here.WebIDE works fine with Git. You can use Coding、GitHub、BitBucket、GitLab as your Git repository. Workspaces are powered by Docker Ubuntu containers.The development environment can be saved and shared to your team member. Please submit issues to corresponding projects, that'll help us make issues tracking easier so that we can provide timely help to you. Submit frontend issues at WebIDE-Frontend and backend issues at WebIDE-Backend.

Gnirehtet - Reverse tethering for Android

  •    Java

This project provides reverse tethering over adb for Android: it allows devices to use the internet connection of the computer they are plugged on. It does not require any root access (neither on the device nor on the computer). It works on GNU/Linux, Windows and Mac OS.

Apollo - Java libraries for writing composable microservices

  •    Java

Apollo is a set of Java libraries that we use at Spotify when writing microservices. Apollo includes modules such as an HTTP server and a URI routing system, making it trivial to implement restful API services. Apollo has been used in production at Spotify for a long time.

derive4j - Java 8 annotation processor and framework for deriving algebraic data types constructors, pattern-matching, morphisms, (near future: optics and typeclasses)

  •    Java

tl;dr Show me how to write, say, the Either sum type with Derive4J!.This project has a special dedication to Tony Morris' blog post Debut with a catamorphism. I'm also very thankful to @sviperll and his adt4j project which was the initial inspiration for Derive4J.

docker-alpine-oraclejdk8 - Small Docker image with OracleJDK 8 (167MB)


This image is based on Alpine Linux image, which is only a 5MB image, and contains OracleJDK 8. You must accept the Oracle Binary Code License Agreement for Java SE to use this image (see #6 for details).

sAINT - :eye: (s)AINT is a Spyware Generator for Windows systems written in Java.

  •    Java

(s)AINT is a Spyware Generator for Windows systems written in Java. 💻 This project was created only for good purposes and personal use.

rapid - :whale: A lightweight Docker Developer Interface for Docker Remote API

  •    Java

Rapid Docker Interface provides a connection between Docker queries and your Docker Host. Rapid changes the way of using Docker Engine API with ease. The Command Editor is your new Docker client communicating with the Engine. You can easily request supported Docker queries of Docker Remote API.If your docker host runs via docker machine, go into it using $docker-machine ssh and run the command.

derive4j-fj - Automatic derivation of functional-java typeclasse instances and optics

  •    Java

(generation of optics is planned).In both cases you will have to provide a static field or method (in the class of the ADT under derivation) that returns the missing type class instance. The implementation can simply be a forward to a generated instance (for the second case).

hkt - Higher Kinded Type machinery for Java

  •    Java

This project provides type-safety for the higher kinded type encoding demonstrated in https://github.com/highj/highj via a JSR269 annotation processor.For some theorical explanation of the encoding you may refer to the Lightweight higher-kinded polymorphism paper.

bullet-storm - The Apache Storm implementation of the Bullet backend

  •    Java

This project implements Bullet on Storm. It also includes the PubSub implementation that uses Storm DRPC as the PubSub.All documentation has moved to Github Pages here.

grpc-proxy - A gRPC service which proxies requests to an HTTP server.

  •    Java

An experiment in writing a gRPC proxy frontend for HTTP/protobuf services.Sometimes things are written in languages which aren't well-suited to running complex, long-lived services like gRPC. Sometimes things are running in web servers and that already works really well. Sometimes those things do important work that other stuff in other platforms needs to use.

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