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Jalpc - 🍎Jalpc -- A flexible Jekyll theme, 3 steps to build your website.

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This is a simple, beautiful and swift theme for Jekyll. It's mobile first, fluidly responsive, and delightfully lightweight. If you're completely new to Jekyll, I recommend checking out the documentation at http://jekyllrb.com or there's a tutorial by Smashing Magazine.

Jalpc-A - 🍅Jalpc-A -- Jekyll Theme(blog written by Angularjs)

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We can register an account at this website and login to comment, only admin user can add blogs, if you like you can build a blog which everyone can add blogs,besides the app's backhend platform is based on Leancloud,you can use Parse as well. If you like this Jekyll theme,please give me encouragement and star this project,I will make it better.