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fz - Cli shell plugin, the missing fuzzy tab completion feature of z

  •    Shell

A shell plugin that seamlessly adds fuzzy search to tab completion of z, lets you easy to jump around among your historical directories. Not any additional key binding is needed. Currently supports Bash and zsh. By simply sourcing corresponding script file for your shell, you're all set. However, this plugin is sitting on top of z and fzf, so you must have them installed as well.

jacks - Consolidated J language code referenced in my blog Analyze the Data not the Drivel

  •    J

This repository consolidates all J language code and related files referenced by Analyze the Data not the Drivel. Most of the J[^1] scripts in this repository were generated from JOD dictionaries.

jlearn - Machine Learning Library, written in J

  •    J

WIP Machine learning library, written in J. Various algorithm implementations, including MLPClassifiers, MLPRegressors, Mixture Models, K-Means, KNN, RBF-Network, Self-organizing Maps. Models can be serialized to text files, with a mixture of text and binary packing. The size of the serialized file depends on the size of the model, but will probably range from 10 MB and upwards for NN models (including convnets and rec-nets).