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callbag-basics - 👜 Tiny and fast reactive/iterable programming library

  •    Javascript

Basic callbag factories and operators to get started with. Callbag is just a spec, but callbag-basics is a real library you can use. Imagine a hybrid between an Observable and an (Async)Iterable, that's what callbags are all about. In addition, the internals are tiny because it's all done with a few simple callbacks, following the callbag spec. As a result, it's tiny and fast.

bluebird-co - A set of high performance yield handlers for Bluebird coroutines

  •    Javascript

A set of high performance yield handlers for Bluebird coroutines.bluebird-co is a reimplementation of tj/co generator coroutines using bluebird, Bluebird.coroutine and Bluebird.coroutine.addYieldHandler to insert a yield handler that can transform all the same yieldable value types as tj/co and more.

is-empty-iterable - Check if an Iterable is empty

  •    Javascript

More efficient than Array.from(iterable).length, as it only iterates the first item, which can make a big difference for dynamic iterators, like a Generator doing an expensive operation.Returns a boolean.

cycled - Cycle through the items of an array

  •    Javascript

This package can be useful for cycling through tabs, images of a slideshows, etc. Initiates an array subclass with the methods documented below. Since it's an array, you can use all the normal array methods on it.

imlazy - Functional programming with lazy immutable iterables

  •    Javascript

All iterables created by imlazy are frozen with Object.freeze so, not only are they lazy, they're also immutable. If you want to find out more about the ES2015 iteration protocols this MDN article is a good place to start.

go-streams - Stream Collections for Go. Inspired in Java 8 Streams and .NET Linq

  •    Go

Here we use an array of string as the source of the stream, perform a filter operation provided by a function that receives a single element of the collection and determines whether the element should remain in the stream by returning a boolean.

go-itergen - Code generation tool for Go that generates common functions for iterable types such as map and filter for slices and channels

  •    Go

go-itergen addresses a common and big problem of go: no maps, no filters, no nothing. If you come from a functional background that could be really frustrating. Since generics are not going to be around for a while code generation is the only way we have to achieve such things. This is a naive attempt to make easier deal with this kind of operations over iterable types without having to write every single time the same code over and over.

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