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angular-starter - :tada: An Angular Starter kit featuring Angular (Router, Http, Forms, Services, Tests, E2E, Dev/Prod, HMR, Async/Lazy Routes, AoT via ngc), Karma, Protractor, Jasmine, Istanbul, TypeScript, TsLint, Codelyzer, Hot Module Replacement, @types, and Webpack by @TipeIO

An Angular starter kit featuring Angular 5, Ahead of Time Compile, Router, Forms, Http, Services, Tests, E2E), Karma, Protractor, Jasmine, Istanbul, TypeScript, @types, TsLint, Codelyzer, Hot Module Replacement, and Webpack by AngularClass.This seed repo serves as an Angular starter for anyone looking to get up and running with Angular and TypeScript fast. Using a Webpack 3 for building our files and assisting with boilerplate. We're also using Protractor for our end-to-end story and Karma for our unit tests.

c8 - collect test coverage using v8's inspector

Code-coverage using v8's Inspector that's compatible with Istanbul's reporters.The above example will collect coverage for foo.js using v8's inspector.

v8-to-istanbul - convert from v8 coverage format to istanbul's format

converts from v8 coverage format to istanbul's coverage format.

gulp-istanbul - Istanbul unit test coverage plugin for gulp.

Istanbul unit test coverage plugin for gulp.Works on top of any Node.js unit test framework.

web-component-tester-istanbul - Instanbul coverage reporting for projects being tested by web-component-tester

Istanbul coverage plugin for web-component-tester. Use this plugin to collect and report test coverage (via istanbul) for your project on each test run.

remap-istanbul - A tool for remapping Istanbul coverage via Source Maps

A package that provides the ability to remap Istanbul code coverage information to its original source positions based on a JavaScript Source Maps v3. remap-istanbul requires NodeJS 6 or later.

rollup-plugin-istanbul - Seamless integration between Rollup and Istanbul

Seamless integration between Rollup and Istanbul. If you're using Rollup to generate a standalone bundle you will probably need also to bundle your tests before running them, and if you want the code coverage report, you will need to instrument the program files before the bundle is generated to avoid instrumenting also the code of the test files.

browserify-istanbul - A browserify transform for the istanbul code coverage tool

A browserify transform for the istanbul code coverage tool. There are several ways to register browserify transforms: on the command line, in your package.json, or using the browserify API. You can use all of these with browserify-istanbul: see the browserify docs for more info.

mochify-istanbul - Instrument + create reports using istanbul with the mochify stream

Add istanbul coverage to the mochify.js pipeline. The above copyright notice and this permission notice shall be included in all copies or substantial portions of the Software.

buster-istanbul - busterjs code test coverage

Add buster-istanbul as a dependency in your package.json file. sources will be the files that will be instrumented.

gulp-coffee-istanbul - Gulp task to give Istanbul coverage to coffee and js files

Istanbul unit test coverage plugin for gulp, covering coffee and javascript. Allows for in-place testing and coverage of coffee files without the need for compiling and linking to the compiled source.

istanbul-cobertura-badger - Create a Code Coverage badge for Node.js Apps running node-istanbul.

Creates a coverage badge by reading the Cobertura XML coverage report from node-istanbul reports using https://github.com/badges/shields. The idea is to serve in the Node.js README for internal use in a GitHub enterprise machine along with Jenkins.

FE-CI - Front End Testing and Continuous Integration

This repo demonstrates how to start a new project using best Test Driven Development techniques plus a CI workflow with code coverage support. The technologies, services and libraries used in this repo is CoffeeScript, Grunt, Jasmine, Karma, IstanbulJS, Coveralls and Travis. The blog post currently in Turkish but I am planning to post another one in English soon.

istanbul-react - Instrumenter for 1:1 mapping of React JSX components

You can use modifyCodeBeforeInstrumentation to modify code before instrumentation. It might be useful for example to get around chrome bug with 'use strict';. It takes one argument, which give you an object, with two properties code - original code, filename - name of the file. This callback must return modified code as a string. In the example below you can see how 'use strict'; is prefixed with semi-colon to work around bug (or feature?) in chrome.

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