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examples - This repository contains small and practical examples for the Iris Web Framework.

  •    Go

This repository provides easy to understand code snippets on how to get started with web development with the Go programming language using the Iris web framework. Examples are tested using Windows 10, Ubuntu 16.10 with Microsoft's Visual Studio Code and built using the Go 1.9.

go-websocket - :speaker: Easy way to setup a rich Websocket server and client side for Go Programming Language

  •    Go

The package go-websocket provides an easy way to setup a rich Websocket server and client side.It's already tested on production & used on Iris.

golog - A high-performant Logging Foundation for Go Applications

  •    Go

golog is a simple, fast and easy-to-use level-based logger written entirely in GoLang.Navigate through _examples and integrations to learn if that fair solution suits your needs.

middleware - Community Middleware for the Iris web framework.

  •    Go

This repository provides a way to share any minor handlers for iris web framework. You can view the built'n supported handlers by pressing here. Middleware is just a chain handlers which can be executed before or after the main handler, can transfer data between handlers and communicate with third-party libraries, they are just functions.

muxie - Muxie is a simple, fast and light HTTP multiplexer for 2019's Go

  •    Go

Last updated on October 17, 2018. Click here to read more details. As shown in the benchmarks (from a third-party source), Muxie is much faster than its alternatives out there with amazing performance, fastest net/http router ever created so far. View the results and read further details here.

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