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vflow - Enterprise Network Flow Collector (IPFIX, sFlow, Netflow)

  •    Go

High-performance, scalable and reliable IPFIX, sFlow and Netflow collector (written in pure Golang).You can download and install pre-built debian package as below (RPM and Linux binary are available).

network-simulator - simulate a low-level computer network

  •    Javascript

Create a new simulator instance sim.Create a network node identified by a string key and an array of string interface names ifaces.

vyatta-cjdns - A cjdns package for Ubiquiti EdgeOS and VyOS, allowing cjdns to be used on EdgeRouters

  •    Python

The vyatta-cjdns package provides cjdns support on supported Ubiquiti EdgeMAX, VyOS and potentially other Vyatta-based routers. It is integrated with the command line interface (CLI) allowing cjdns to be configured through the standard configuration system. All configuration is entered through the CLI. set commands, as listed below, will add new configuration and the cjdroute configuration file will be updated automatically. To remove configuration, for instance to remove a peering, authorised password or IP tunnel setting, replace the set keyword with delete.

proto - Layer 2, 3, 4 protocol decoding and encoding for Go

  •    Go

Lean, mean protocol decoding and encoding. Payloads are sub-sliced, not copied, so you might want to make copies if you're reusing buffers that you're decoding.

ngx-ip - An Angular network address component (IPv4, IPv6 and MAC)

  •    TypeScript

ngx-ip is a network address input component for IPv4/6 & MAC address formats. Each block has it's own input element for better UX control This allows highlighting specific blocks with invalid syntax, disabling specific blocks (limit pools, etc...) and more. ngx-ip is NOT a mask component, masking is a different approach which uses one input element for the whole IP address.

ip6 - IPv6 address helper utilities.

  •    Javascript

IPv6 address helper utilities. The above copyright notice and this permission notice shall be included in all copies or substantial portions of the Software.