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glider - glider is a forward proxy with multiple protocols support, and also a dns forwarding server with ipset management features(like dnsmasq)

  •    Go

glider is a forward proxy with multiple protocols support, and also a dns forwarding server with ipset management features(like dnsmasq). we can set up local listeners as proxy servers, and forward requests to internet via forwarders.

blocklist-ipsets - ipsets dynamically updated with firehol's update-ipsets.sh script

  •    Shell

This repository includes a list of ipsets dynamically updated with FireHOL's update-ipsets.sh documented in this wiki.This repo is self maintained. It it updated automatically from the script via a cron job.

firehol - A firewall for humans...

  •    Shell

These instructions are for people who are working with the git repository. There are more general instructions starting with Upgrade Notes.The github firehol repository page lists URLs which can be used to clone the repository.

ipsum - Daily feed of bad IPs (with blacklist hit scores)


IPsum is a threat intelligence feed based on 30+ different publicly available lists of suspicious and/or malicious IP addresses. All lists are automatically retrieved and parsed on a daily (24h) basis and the final result is pushed to this repository. List is made of IP addresses together with a total number of (black)list occurrence (for each). Greater the number, lesser the chance of false positive detection and/or dropping in (inbound) monitored traffic. Also, list is sorted from most (problematic) to least occurent IP addresses. In directory levels you can find preprocessed raw IP lists based on number of blacklist occurrences (e.g. levels/3.txt holds IP addresses that can be found on 3 or more blacklists).

vallumd - Centralize or distribute IPset blacklists

  •    C

This program allows you to centralize and distribute IP blacklists. If you maintain a server on the Internet, it's very likely you encountered one or more brute force attacks. Not a problem, just install fail2ban. Done.

tcp-connection-hijack-reset - Simple scapy-based tool to hijack and reset existing TCP connections

  •    Python

Simple scapy + iptables/ipsets + nflog tool to hijack and reset existing TCP connections (for both ends), established from other pids. Purpose is not some malicious DoS attacks but rather kicking hung state-machines in otherwise nice software, while making the whole thing look like a random net hiccup, which most apps are designed to handle.

yipfilter - A wrapper script over iptables/ipset to manage host based IP dynamic blacklists and whitelists

  •    Shell

Prerequisites: iptables and ipset packages. iptables comes by default on all recent Linux distributions. For ipset, install it using yum (Fedora/RHEL) or apt (Ubuntu). This software is free to use under the Yahoo! Inc. BSD license. See the LICENSE file for license text and copyright information.

go-ipset - :fire: Go bindings for the IPtables ipset http://ipset.netfilter.org userspace utility

  •    Go

This library is a simple GoLang wrapper to the IPtables ipset userspace utility. It provides an interface to allow Go programs to easily manipulate ipsets. It is currently limited to sets of type hash. go-ipset requires ipset kernel module and userspace utility version 6.0 or greater.