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Taskcoach - Todo manager to keep track of personal tasks and todo lists

  •    Objective-C

Task Coach is a simple open source todo manager to keep track of personal tasks and todo lists. It is designed for composite tasks, and also offers effort tracking, categories, notes and more. Tasks have a subject, description, priority, start date, due date, a completion date and an optional reminder. Tasks can recur on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Tasks and notes can be assigned to user-defined categories.

Silverlight UIKit

  •    CSharp

The iPhone's UIKit ported to Silverlight and WPF. Using as much of the patterns and conventions in the iPhone SDK to eventually help developers port code from the iPhone to WPF or Silverlight and vice-versa. Developed in C# for switchers between iPhone and Windows development.

jGestures: a jQuery plugin for gesture events

  •    Javascript

A jQuery plugin that enables you to add gesture events such as 'pinch', 'rotate', 'swipe', 'tap' and 'orientationchange' just like native jQuery events. Includes event substitution: a "tapone" event can be triggered by "clicking", a "swipe" by performing a swipe-ish mousegesture.

iConv: Easily convert video files to your iPad, iPhone or iPod


Simple UI conversion tool with drag-and-drop functionality. This video converter supports wmv, avi, mpeg/mpg and rmvb saving to iPod, iPhone and iPad frendly formats. Batch convert folders of movies or tv episodes easily.


  •    DotNet

iPodShuffleSync updates your iPod Shuffle device playlist with the files you saved in its drive. If you save music or podcast files to your iPod Shuffle using it as a USB drive, iPodShuffleSync could enable the iPod Shuffle to play your new music files.

jSwipeKinetic - a touch optimized kinetic scroller

  •    Javascript

A jQuery plugin that enables you to add kinetic scrolling on your touch optimized projects. jSwipeKinetic is build on top of jGestures (jgestues.codeplex.com). Including: the elastic effect made famous by ios and the abillity to swipe or drag an element.

ipod - ipod

  •    Javascript

a cli wrapper of node-speaker, support play .mp3s both from url and local songs. The above copyright notice and this permission notice shall be included in all copies or substantial portions of the Software.

IPod-Shuffle-4g - Scripts for IPod Shuffle 4g

  •    Python

Just put your audio files into the mass storage of your IPod and shuffle.py will do the rest. You can also install the script from AUR.

ipod - ipod implements ipod accessory protocol and a client for https://github

  •    Go

This is a total rewrite of what was included with the ipod-gadget project. It should work as a drop-in replacement for the old app. Refer to https://github.com/oandrew/ipod-gadget for more info on how to get the kernel part working.

ipod-gadget - iPod usb gadget for audio playback

  •    C

ipod-gadget simulates an iPod USB device to stream digital audio to iPod compatible devices/docks. It speaks iAP(iPod Accessory Protocol) and starts an audio streaming session. Tested on Raspberry Pi Zero, Beaglebone Black and Nexus 5(mainline linux kernel) with Onkyo HT-R391 receiver as the host device (more host devices need to be tested). Should work on any device that runs Linux 4.x (compiled with usb gadget configfs) and has a USB port that supports peripheral mode.