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moquette - MQTT service dispatcher

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Moquette is to MQTT what inetd is to IP. Moquette listens for events from an MQTT broker and executes a process (event handler) found in its configuration directory if its name matches the event's topic. The matching obeys to the MQTT topic rules. Slashes in the topic are replaced by colon (:). Event handler files must be at the root of the Moquette configuration directory and have their executable flag set. The default directory is /etc/moquette.d and can be changed using the --conf option. New files can be added/removed while Moquette is running, without the need to restart it.

conduit - Securely call firmware functions from the cloud.

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Conduit is an entirely open-source web service that allows you to securely control and interface with fleets of ESP8266-based IoT devices from anywhere in the world (even if those devices themselves don't have public or static IP addresses). Conduit offers a centralized RESTful API to do things like eaisly execute arbitrary firmware functions on your device or receive data from your device(s). You can use the already deployed service or spin up your own instance (useful if you want to ensure all of your infrastructure stays behind a private network--say a hospital network). A central conduit API server is already deployed at https://api.conduit.suyash.io (should be used for all API routes) with a user-friendly front-end deployed at https://conduit.suyash.io.

lora-gateway - Simple gateway implementation between LoRa and DeviceHive.

  •    Python

This project implements LoRa gateway using DeviceHive cloud service. It is a transparent gateway between DeviceHive cloud service and LoRa radio.Everything which LoRa receives sends to DeviceHive server as notifications. Command 'lora' transmit 'data' field into LoRa. It is a transparent gateway between DeviceHive cloud service and LoRa radio. This project uses Dragino LG01 gateway as a reference hardware.

meta-iot2050 - SIMATIC IOT2050 Isar/Debian Board Support Package

  •    Python

This Isar layer contains recipes, configuration and other artifacts that are specific to Debian-based IOT2050 product. Please follow the further instruction file README.sdk in the SDK tarball.

iot-analytics-at-the-edge - GTM Stack: IoT Data Analytics at the Edge

  •    Python

Source code for the post, GTM Stack: IoT Data Analytics at the Edge. In the post, we explore the integration of several open-source software applications to build an IoT edge analytics stack, designed to operate on ARM-based edge nodes. We use the stack to collect, analyze, and visualize IoT data, without first shipping the data to Cloud or other external systems. See the post for complete instructions on using the source code.

iot-java-sdk - Appdynamics IoT Java SDK to monitor performance of embedded applications on connected devices

  •    Java

This repository contains the AppDynamics IoT Java SDK that can be used in embedded applications to monitor network perfomance, errors, and business metrics. The best way to understand how to use the SDK is to run the sample application.

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