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NSFWDetector - A NSFW (aka porn) detector with CoreML

  •    Swift

NSFWDetector is a small (17 kB) CoreML Model to scan images for nudity. It was trained using CreateML to distinguish between porn/nudity and appropriate pictures. With the main focus on distinguishing between instagram model like pictures and porn. If you want to enforce stricter boundaries for your platform, just apply a lower threshold for the confidence.

react-native-calendar-events - React Native Module for iOS and Android Calendar Events

  •    Java

A React Native module to help access and save events to iOS and Android calendars. This package assumes that you already have a React Native project or are familiar with React Native. If not, checkout the official documentation for more details about getting started with React Native.

AztecEditor-iOS - A reusable native iOS visual HTML text editor component.

  •    Swift

Aztec is a Swift library that provides a UITextView subclass with HTML visual-editing capabilities. Once Carthage finishes, you should open the file Aztec.xcworkspace from the root directory of Aztec.

instantsearch-ios-examples - Example apps built with InstantSearch iOS

  •    Swift

Example apps built with algolia/instantsearch-ios. InstantSearch iOS is a library providing widgets and helpers to help you build the best instant-search experience on iOS with Algolia. It is built on top of Algolia's Swift API Client to provide you a high-level solution to quickly build various search interfaces.

SensingKit-iOS - An iOS library that provides Continuous Sensing functionality to your applications.

  •    Objective-C

An iOS library that provides Continuous Sensing functionality to your applications. For more information, please refer to the project website. For more information about CocoaPods, visit https://cocoapods.org.

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