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EarlGrey - :tea: iOS UI Automation Test Framework

  •    Objective-C

EarlGrey is a native iOS UI automation test framework that enables you to write clear, concise tests.With the EarlGrey framework, you have access to enhanced synchronization features. EarlGrey automatically synchronizes with the UI, network requests, and various queues; but still allows you to manually implement customized timings, if needed.

pelias-ios-sdk - Interact with Mapzen's search & geocoding service

  •    Swift

This is the iOS SDK wrapper and convenience framework to make interacting with a Pelias Geocoder instance (https://github.com/pelias/pelias) easier / faster / more better for iOS developers. We recommend using CocoaPods (https://cocoapods.org/) to install the SDK. We have two currently supported subspecs: Core and MapkitExtensions. Core only relies on Foundation being available. MapkitExtensions relies on CoreLocation, MapKit, and the iOS 9.0+ Contacts Framework being available (and will add these to your project if you install using CocoaPods).

iOS-Development-Guidelines - iOS开发规范指南


该文档主要面向iOS开发团队,以Coding Guidelines for Cocoa为基础针对编码、项目架构、开发实践等进行规范和约定。持续更新中......

ios-cmake - A CMake toolchain file for iOS and tvOS C/C++/Obj-C++ development

  •    CMake

NOTE: The below commands will build for 64-bit simulator only. Change the -DIOS_PLATFORM to the applicable value if targeting another platform. This will build and install the library for the given IOS_PLATFORM.

react-native-bootcamp - React Native Bootcamp Materials for TylerMcginnis.com


Go to the React Native docs Getting Started page, click on Building Projects with Native Code, & follow the documentation for getting set up on your operating system. This folder contains the Android project. To open this project in Android Studio, only open the Android folder.