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UniversalProject - 基于MVC架构的iOS轻量级框架,封装了基类、基于猿题库YTKNetwork的网络服务、工具库,NavigationController转场动画/瀑布流/粒子动画/小demo,已适配iOS11 & iPhone X。欢迎Star🌟

  •    Objective-C

基于MVC架构的iOS轻量级框架,封装了基类、基于猿题库YTKNetwork的网络服务、工具库,NavigationController转场动画/瀑布流/粒子动画/小demo,已适配iOS11 & iPhone X。欢迎Star🌟

NativeBase-KitchenSink - An example app with all the UI components of NativeBase

  •    Javascript

Another major project by us is BuilderX, a screen design tool which codes React Native for you.

ESTMusicPlayer - An elegant and simple iOS music player.

  •    Objective-C

ESTMusicPlayer is an elegant and simple iOS music player based on DOUAudioStreamer.

ios-demos - Examples of ios applications http://www.novoda.com/blog

  •    Swift

This is a collection of basic iOS examples created by Novoda. Most recent at the top. Rick-and-Morty This is a project to be used for pairing sessions with potential new hires. The application is basically a TabViewController with 2 different tabs: "Rick" and "Morty". Each tab implements a CollectionViewController with a hardcoded data source. The implementation is really basic so there is plenty of refactoring potential.

ios-arkit - iOS Location based Augmented Reality engine

  •    Objective-C

I'm glad to share this engine that I've been developing from time to time with all of you. It's based on the iPhone ARKit. First you need to copy and paste the folder ARKit and all its contents into your project. Then implement the ARViewDelegate in any of your classes.

LCSlideMenu - A powerful and easy to use slider menu.

  •    Swift

LCSlideMenu It's a powerful and easy to use slider menu. Just add the LCSlideMenu folder to your project.

SwiftNotes - Creating notes was never so smooth, just check out this demo developed in XCode 9 & Swift 4

  •    Swift

A sample Notes creation demo which demonstrates usage of few core features of IOS. This sample discusses in depth about CoreData, Mapkit & Corelocation clubbed with TableView for showing note's list. So basically all it startes with a Splash screen followed by Home screen with empty tableview at first when user opens the app for 1st time or has not created any notes yet.

SJStaticTableView - 基于MVVM,用于快速搭建设置页,个人信息页表格等静态表格的框架

  •    Objective-C


fastlane-example - An example of Fastlane used with Jenkins 2

  •    Ruby

This is an example of using fastlane with Jenkins 2 and it's pipeline-as-code plugin. The pipeline as 4 stages, each defined as it's own lane in fastlane and is designed to deploy test apps to HockeyApp.