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eigen - The Art World in Your Pocket or Your Trendy Tech Company's Tote, Artsy's iOS app.

  •    Objective-C

This is a core Artsy Mobile OSS project, along with Energy, Eidolon, Emission and Emergence.Don't know what Artsy is? Check out this overview and more, or read our objc.io on team culture.

GitHawk - A GitHub project manager app for iOS.

  •    Swift

The simplest way to read and respond to your GitHub notifications on iOS. GitHawk is a small iOS app that makes managing GitHub accounts and projects a little easier. It exists because GitHub's mobile interface is missing features and is slow.

ios-oss - Kickstarter for iOS. Bring new ideas to life, anywhere.

  •    Swift

Welcome to Kickstarter’s open source iOS app! Come on in, take your shoes off, stay a while—explore how Kickstarter’s native squad has built and continues to build the app. We’ve also open sourced our Android app, and read more about our journey to open source here.

firefox-ios - Firefox for iOS

  •    Swift

Download on the App Store. This branch is for mainline development that will ship in v11.0.

focus-ios - Firefox Focus for iOS

  •    Swift

Browse like no one’s watching. The new Firefox Focus automatically blocks a wide range of online trackers — from the moment you launch it to the second you leave it. Easily erase your history, passwords and cookies, so you won’t get followed by things like unwanted ads. Download on the App Store.

GitHawk - The best iOS app for GitHub.

  •    Swift

GitHawk is the highest rated iOS app for GitHub. We are always looking for contributions from all skill levels! A great way to get started is by helping organize and/or squish bugs.

PixPic - PixPic, a Photo Editing App

  •    Swift

What's the best way to teach interns how to write an iOS app? Just let them do it! This app is the result of our interns’ collaboration. This app was created for educational purposes and we used all our common practices just like we do when creating commercial apps. Read more about AGILE on our blog. We followed gitflow approach and merge requests in order to check the code. This approach let our senior developers share their valuable expertise with interns. Delivering builds for testing was automated through Continuous Integration Server. One of our mentors pretended to be a customer who came to us with an idea for an app. While we were working on the app, he regularly received new builds - in time and after each sprint. Guys went the whole way from an idea and basic design concept to generating provisioning profiles and certificates and deploying the final build to iTunes Connect. Here’s where you can check out the app itself.

PHPHub-iOS - PHPHub for iOS is the universal iPhone and iPad application for PHPHub

  •    Objective-C

PHPHub is a Forum project written in Laravel 4.2, and it is also the project build up PHP & Laravel China community. PHPHub for iOS is the universal iPhone and iPad application for PHPHub, This is the official PHPHub iOS client that uses the newly introduced official PHPHub API, One of the cool features of the new API are updates pushed in real time.

Sol - :sunny: Sol° beautifully displays weather information so you can plan your day accordingly

  •    Objective-C

Sol° beautifully displays weather information so you can plan your day accordingly. Check the weather in your current location or any city around the world. Your Wunderground API key should be written to a file named "API_KEY" and imported into your project.

react-native-nw-react-calculator - Mobile, desktop and website Apps with the same code

  •    Javascript

A demo for the Website App is available here. All the flux architecture is share to 100% to all the different builds. This means that all the logic and data management code is done only once and reuse everywhere. This allows us to have an easy tests suite as well and to ensure that our code is working properly on all the devices.

MobileApp-Pentest-Cheatsheet - The Mobile App Pentest cheat sheet was created to provide concise collection of high value information on specific mobile application penetration testing topics


The Mobile App Pentest cheat sheet was created to provide concise collection of high value information on specific mobile application penetration testing topics and checklist, which is mapped OWASP Mobile Risk Top 10 for conducting pentest. Your contributions and suggestions are welcome.

ACHNBrowserUI - Animal Crossing New Horizon companion app in SwiftUI

  •    Swift

The project main branch is now updated to Xcode 12 beta 1. There is a lot of SwiftUI issues that will be worked on as new betas arrive. For now it compile and will use the best & latest features of Swift 5.3 and SwiftUI.

Tencent-NOW - iOS视频直播:仿腾讯旗下 < NOW > 直播 斗鱼 抖音 火山视频 花椒 熊猫 YY 陌陌 映客 直播APP iOS Live video

  •    Objective-C

行业的竞争会越来越激烈, 不管是主播还是直播平台都面临着激烈的竞争, 当然直播 行业也会越来越规范, 直播元素也越来越多. 采集: iOS系统因为软硬件种类不多, 硬件适配性比较好, 所以比较简单. 而Android端市面上机型众多, 要做些机型的适配工作. PC端是最麻烦的, 各种奇葩摄像头驱动.所以现在很多的中小型直播平台, 都放弃了PC的直播, 更有一些直播平台只做iOS端的视频直播.

appmon - Documentation:

  •    Javascript

AppMon is an automated framework for monitoring and tampering system API calls of native macOS, iOS and android apps. It is based on Frida. This project exists thanks to all the people who contribute.

passforios - Pass for iOS - an iOS client compatible with Pass command line application (http://www

  •    Swift

Pass is an iOS client compatible with ZX2C4's Pass command line application. It is a password manager using GPG for encryption and Git for version control. Pass for iOS is available in the App Store with the name "Pass - Password Store".

YNPageViewController - 特斯拉组件、QQ联系人布局、多页面嵌套滚动、悬停效果、美团、淘宝、京东、微博、腾讯新闻、网易新闻、今日头条等标题滚动视图

  •    Objective-C


flutter-tetris - a tetris game powered by flutter. 使用flutter开发俄罗斯方块。

  •    Dart

使用Flutter开发的俄罗斯方块游戏。支持 Android, iOS, Windows, mac, Linux 以及 web.

material-kit-react-native - Material Kit React Native

  •    Javascript

Material Kit React Native is a fully coded app template built over Galio.io, React Native and Expo to allow you to create powerful and beautiful e-commerce mobile applications. We have redesigned all the usual components in Galio to make it look like Google's material design, minimalistic and easy to use. Start your development with a badass material UI Kit for React Native inspired by Material Design. If you like Google's Material Design, you will love this react native kit! It features a huge number of components and screens built to fit together and look amazing.

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