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trabalhando-remoto - Informações para quem trabalha ou quer trabalhar remoto

Compilação de informações destinada a quem trabalha ou quer trabalhar remotamente. Não leve em consideração somente as cotações para escolher o banco ideal para você. Veja mais detalhes dos bancos, suas taxas e particularidades aqui.

BeansBooks - Cloud Accounting Platform

A revolutionary cloud accounting platform designed for small and medium businesses. It solves the problem by making it easy to record payments from multiple customers in one deposit and, conversely, easily recording vendor invoice payments with a single check. Its extensive API enables automatic creation of customers, vendors, sales orders, purchase orders, invoices and more.

clocker - track project hours

The -t is optional.Run clocker start and clocker stop as you have more hours to track.

Siwapp - Online Invoice Management

An open source web application meant to help manage & create invoices in a simple, straightforward way. It meets all your privacy and security requirements, and allows you to backup your data on your computer at any time. It supports export of printable pdf versions of the invoices, with a professional look & feel.


Biller is a free and easy to use invoice program featuring the Fluent Ribbon Control


With Facture manager you can easily create products, users, business partners and add them into Factures. This application can help to any business.

invoicer - generate pdf invoices from json

The first time you run invoicer you will be prompted to enter your name, address, email, and currency.Once invoicer finishes you will have a fancy invoice.pdf.

receipt-parser - A fuzzy (supermarket) receipt parser written in Python using tesseract

This is a fuzzy receipt parser written in Python. You give it any dirty old receipt lying around and it will try its best to find the correct data for you. It started as a hackathon project. Read more about it on the trivago techblog. Also read the comments on HackerNews Oh hey! And there's also a talk online now if you're the visual kind of person.

stripe - A comprehensive PHP Library for the Stripe.

A comprehensive PHP Library for Stripe.This package is supported by Cartalyst and is not affiliated with Stripe. The package requires PHP 5.5.9+ and follows the FIG standards PSR-1, PSR-2 and PSR-4 to ensure a high level of interoperability between shared PHP.

Cashier-BTC - 💰 Self-hosted Bitcoin payment gateway (฿)

Self-hosted Node.js Bitcoin payment gateway. Provides REST API (microservice). Process Bitcoin payments on your end, securely, with no comission.Request payments (invoicing), check payments (whether invoice is paid), receive callbacks if payment is made. Aggregate funds on final (aggregational) address. Depends on Nodejs v8+, Bitcoin Core, Couchdb for storage.

generate-invoice - Generates PDF invoices (MIT)

generate-invoice allows you to generate PDF invoices based on the given input. Usage: see ./demo.js, generate-invoice -h, and examples/. MIT.

invoice - generate pdf invoices from latex via pdflatex

Invoice uses pdflatex to generate pdfs from latex, so make sure you've pdflatex installed. Callback is function (err, pdf), where pdf is path to the generated document. If an error occurs, err is set.

billy - A simple invoicing and tracking web application.

This is a simple invoice and tracking application suited for small companies. It helps you in managing your daily task in your daily business: track activities, expenses and invoices. It's built on Rails 4.0.

nodeice - :moneybag: Another PDF invoice generator

This is the constructor that creates a new instance containing the needed methods. Inits the HTML templates.

facturascripts - Software de facturación y contabilidad para pymes. Versión en desarrollo para 2018.

Software de facturación y contabilidad para pymes, fácil, libre y con actualizaciones constantes. Es compatible con FacturaLux, Abanq y Eneboo. Es software libre bajo licencia GNU/LGPL.

dapper-invoice - A billable-time invoice featuring style over substance

A billable-time invoice featuring style over substance. Now whenever you make changes to your-invoice-101.tex on your host machine, the watcher inside the VM will automatically build your-invoice-101.pdf, which will be saved back to the host machine.

invoice-ninja - Invoice PDF generator

Note: This module is not related to the PHP/Laravel invoicing site Invoice Ninja or its GitHub repository. Optional absolute paths to your custom template and/or css files.