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soft-eng-interview-prep - Everything you need to know for a Software Engineering interview


The goal of this summary is to contain all the required theoretical material needed to pass a Facebook/Google software engineering interview, but (hopefully) no more than that. It originated out of my own personal notes while preparing for such interviews. I view it as an executive summary, that should ideally take a few hours to read, and that you should read multiple times while preparing for the interview. See this post for more background and tips on preparing for an interview. Start from SUMMARY (or see below). It's also available in GitBook format for easier reading and navigation.

coding-interviews - 🎓 :octocat: Preparation resources for software and web technical interviews

  •    Javascript

This is a list of concepts it is important to learn in order to coding interviews at big companies and for jobs with really technical teams. Not all companies interview this way but many do or at least include CS fundamental and puzzle questions as part of their processes. Preparing for these types of interviews can be challenging and tedious. I created this repo as a collection of resources to help better understand where these questions come from. There are tons of resources out there so if you are looking to crack the coding interview, well, definitely read cracking the coding interview (links below) and review some of the sites and concepts below. I also recommend interviewing.io for doing live practice interviews to get you prepared.

Byte-by-Byte-Solutions - Coding interview questions and solutions

  •    Java

Byte by Byte is a coding interview prep website that provides many practice interview questions as well as detailed explanations. This repo contains working, tested code for the solutions on Byte by Byte.

coding-interview-university-zh-tw - coding-interview-university 繁體中文翻譯計畫。原作者:https://github


I originally created this as a short to-do list of study topics for becoming a software engineer, but it grew to the large list you see today. After going through this study plan, I got hired as a Software Development Engineer at Amazon! You probably won't have to study as much as I did. Anyway, everything you need is here. The items listed here will prepare you well for in an interview at just about any software company, including the giants: Amazon, Facebook, Google or Microsoft.

code_gym - A workspace for learning computer science and software engineering topics

  •    Javascript

The code gym is like a real life gym. But its code. Duh right? Well the metaphor is that maybe in training you aren't doing the things you would do on the field but you are training your body to be able to do them at a high level when you get ready.

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