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ts-translate - Translate, Interplate, format text into different localisations for React applications

  •    TypeScript

Helps you to translate text from messages object. Allows you to format numbers, dates, interpolate text to string templates, default text as key, scoping translations, putting it to React Redux application with Provider and decorator (same pattern as Redux is using). Also it supports connection to translation server with possibility to download translation on both server and browser side. Freeze translations with releases created in translation server. Also there is possibility of live updates of translations via Server Side Events.

outdent - Remove indentation from ES6 template strings

  •    TypeScript

ES6 template strings are great, but they preserve everything between the backticks, including leading spaces. Sometimes I want to indent my template literals to make my code more readable without including all those spaces in the string. Outdent will remove those leading spaces, as well as the leading and trailing newlines.