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polyglot.js - Give your JavaScript the ability to speak many languages.

  •    Javascript

Polyglot.js is a tiny I18n helper library written in JavaScript, made to work both in the browser and in CommonJS environments (Node). It provides a simple solution for interpolation and pluralization, based off of Airbnb’s experience adding I18n functionality to its Backbone.js and Node apps. Polyglot has zero dependencies.I18n is incredibly important for us at Airbnb, as we have listings in 192 countries, and we translate our site into 30-odd different languages. We’re also hiring talented engineers to help us scale up to meet the challenges of buliding a global marketplace.

react-move - React Move 🌀 Beautiful, data-driven animations for React

  •    Javascript

Beautiful, data-driven animations for React. React-move allows you to define your animations using durations, delays and ease functions. In react-motion you use spring configurations to define your animations.

react-tween-state - React animation.

  •    Javascript

The equivalent of React's this.setState, but for animated tweens: this.tweenState. Live demo and source.

Interpolate - Swift interpolation for gesture-driven animations

  •    Swift

Interpolate is a powerful Swift interpolation framework for creating interactive gesture-driven animations. The 🔑 idea of Interpolate is - all animation is the interpolation of values over time.

bezier-easing - cubic-bezier implementation for your JavaScript animation easings – MIT License

  •    Javascript

BezierEasing provides Cubic Bezier Curve easing which generalizes easing functions (ease-in, ease-out, ease-in-out, ...any other custom curve) exactly like in CSS Transitions. Implementing efficient lookup is not easy because it implies projecting the X coordinate to a Bezier Curve. This micro library uses fast heuristics (involving dichotomic search, newton-raphson, sampling) to focus on performance and precision.

FlightAnimator - Advanced Natural Motion Animations, Simple Blocks Based Syntax

  •    Swift

FlightAnimator provides a very simple blocks based animation definition language that allows you to dynamically create, configure, group, sequence, cache, and reuse property animations. Unlike CAAnimationGroups, and UIViewAnimations, which animate multiple properties using a single easing curve, FlightAnimator allows configuration, and synchronization, of unique easing curves per individual property animation.

MotionMachine - A powerful, elegant, and modular animation library for Swift.

  •    Swift

MotionMachine provides a modular, powerful, and generic platform for manipulating values, whether that be animating UI elements or interpolating property values in your own classes. It offers sensible default functionality that abstracts most of the hard work away, allowing you to focus on your work. While it is type-agnostic, MotionMachine does support most major UIKit types out of the box and provides syntactic sugar to easily manipulate them. But it's also easy to dive in and modify for your own needs, whether that be custom motion classes, supporting custom value types, or new easing equations. Also check out the Examples project to see all the MotionMachine classes in action, or dive deep into the source Documentation.

PMTween - An elegant and flexible tweening library for iOS and tvOS.

  •    Objective-C

PMTween is an elegant and flexible tweening library for Objective-C, currently supporting the iOS and tvOS platforms. It offers sensible default functionality that abstracts most of the hard work away, allowing you to focus on your animations and other tween tasks. But PMTween also makes it easy to dive in and modify for your own needs, whether that be custom tweening classes, supporting custom object types, or new easing equations. If you're coding in Swift, try MotionMachine, which is based on PMTween, but with many improvements and an API tailored to that langauge.

Math.NET Iridium (Discontinued)


Math.NET Iiridium has been merged with dnAnalytics into Math.NET Numerics. Math.NET Numerics replaces both Iridium and dnAnalytics, Iridium is discontinued.

react-translate-component - A component for React that utilizes the Counterpart module to provide multi-lingual/localized text content

  •    Javascript

Translate is a component for React that utilizes the Counterpart module and the Interpolate component to provide multi-lingual/localized text content. It allows switching locales without a page reload. Here is a quick-start tutorial to get you up and running with Translate. It's a step-by-step guide on how to build a simple app that uses the Translate component from scratch. We assume you have recent versions of Node.js and npm installed.

3d-bat - 3D Bounding Box Annotation Tool (3D-BAT) Point cloud and Image Labeling

  •    Javascript

1. Step: draw bounding box in the camera image 2. Step: choose current bounding box by activating it 3. Step: You can move it in image space or even change its size by drag and droping 4. Step: Switch into PCD MODE into birds-eye-view 5. Step: Place 3D label into 3D scene to corresponding 2D label 6. Step: Adjust label: 1. drag and dropping directly on label to change position or size 2. use control bar to change position and size (horizontal bar -> rough adjustment, vertical bar -> fine adjustment) 3. Go into camera view to check label with higher intensity and bigger point size 7. Step: Choose label from drop down list 8. Step: Repeat steps 1-7 for all objects in the scene 9. Step: Save labels into file 10. Step: Click on 'HOLD' button if you want to keep the same label positions and sizes 11. Step: click on 'Next camera image'

d3-interpolate-path - Interpolates path `d` attribute smoothly when A and B have different number of points

  •    Javascript

d3-interpolate-path is a zero-dependency that adds an interpolator optimized for SVG <path> elements. It can also work directly with object representations of path commands that can be later interpreted for use with canvas or WebGL. Note this package no longer has a dependency on d3 or d3-interpolate, but in web usage adds itself to the d3 namespace like other d3 plugins do.

Fomatto - JavaScript string interpolation and formatting.

  •    Javascript

Fōmatto provides leightweight string interpolation and formatting for JavaScript. The library brings with it the Formatter factory and the FormatError.

snap-lerp - Linearly interpolate two numbers, but snap to the closest value if the difference between them is small enough

  •    Javascript

Linearly interpolate two numbers, but snap to the closest value if the difference between them is small enough. Comes in handy if you're running an animation but don't want to keep making unnecessary updates to a value as it approaches JS's limits in numerical precision.MIT. See LICENSE.md for details.

ndarray-resample - Downsample by a factor of two using sinc interpolation

  •    Javascript

Resamples an ndarray by an arbitrary (rational) factor using a sinc kernel.Resamples input by a factor of output.shape/input.shape, storing the result in output (this also means the factor can differ per dimension).

keytime - [EXPERIMENT] keyframe animation tools

  •    Javascript

Modular keyframe-based animation tools. Currently at a work-in-progress/proof-of-concept stage.This does not implement its own loop or play(), pause() methods. It simply allows the developer to retrieve interpolated values at an arbitrary time stamp (which may be in seconds, milliseconds, centuries, or whatever).

lerp - bare-bones linear interpolation function

  •    Javascript

In the fashion of small modules and saving keystrokes; this is a bare-bones linear interpolation function. Same as mix in GLSL.Interpolates from start to end using the given alpha.

mat4-decompose - decomposes a 3D matrix

  •    Javascript

Decomposes a 3D matrix, useful for animations. Code ported from W3 CSS Spec. PRs for more tests/robustness/optimizations welcome.You may also be interested in mat4-interpolate, mat4-recompose, and css-mat4.

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