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DoubanFM API Code Pack

  •    DotNet

Unofficial DoubanFM API (??FM API, ???? API) for Microsoft .NET Framework.

SysTray Radio


SysTray Radio is a simple Radio Player in the SysTray. Right mouse click the icon to get a list of radio stations and select what you wanna listen to. Left mouse click to start and stop the radio.

ShoutcastStats for DotNetNuke


ShoutcastStats is a module for DotNetNuke which renders Statistics as Song Title, DJ, Bitrate, Listeners, Peak, URL, ect of a Shoutcast Broadcasting Server. It provide 2 Moduledefininations. Easy to install as Zipfile Upload to DNN. Easy to configured via the Module Settings.

Internet Radio Tuner


Internet Radio Tuner allows users to easily manage internet streams for their favourite traditional radio stations. It also allows for albums stored in a users Windows Media Player library to be played as a whole. It is written in VB6

node-internet-radio - Node.js module to get Now Playing information from an internet radio stream.

  •    HTML

This Node.js module supports three different methods to fetch the station details of an internet radio stream. All but fetching details from the raw audio stream give you the currently playing track, bitrate, and listener count. If you have an audio stream and don't know what approach to take then simply omit the last method parameter and it will use all available options and return the first one that completes. At the very least the stream method will return something from a valid stream, but it will not support the Bitrate and Listener count.

radio - Internet radio as a service with liquidsoap and icecast wrapped with docker.


Internet radio with liquidsoap and icecast wrapped with docker. This is essentially a docker-compose.yml with two services; moul/icecast and moul/liquidsoap.

svitle-radio-mobile - React Native mobile app for Svitle Radio

  •    TypeScript

This is a mobile app for Svitle Radio, a Christian radio station in Kyiv, Ukraine. Written in React Native, it supports both iOS and Android and uses a simple JSON API to discover station metadata.

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