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libpostal - A C library for parsing/normalizing street addresses around the world

  •    C

Addresses and the locations they represent are essential for any application dealing with maps (place search, transportation, on-demand/delivery services, check-ins, reviews). Yet even the simplest addresses are packed with local conventions, abbreviations and context, making them difficult to index/query effectively with traditional full-text search engines. This library helps convert the free-form addresses that humans use into clean normalized forms suitable for machine comparison and full-text indexing. Though libpostal is not itself a full geocoder, it can be used as a preprocessing step to make any geocoding application smarter, simpler, and more consistent internationally. The core library is written in pure C. Language bindings for Python, Ruby, Go, Java, PHP, and NodeJS are officially supported and it's easy to write bindings in other languages.

react-phone-number-input - React component for international phone number input

  •    Javascript

International phone number <input/> for React. If you're not using a bundler then use a standalone version from a CDN.

bc-phone-number - An AngularJS international phone input directive

  •    Javascript

Just download the dist folder.Note thatng-model and is-valid are scope variables.

mojito - An automation platform that enables continuous localization.

  •    Java

Mojito is a continuous localization platform. Rely on continuous integration to collect all of your software strings in one place. Check what products need localization in real time. Create and import translation packages with a single click. Search and edit translations across all products and languages! And if you have a small dedicated translation team, they can work directly in mojito.For full documentation, examples, and other information.

lieu - Dedupe/batch geocode addresses and venues around the world with libpostal

  •    Python

lieu is a Python library for deduping venues and addresses around the world using libpostal's international street address normalization. Note: libpostal and its Python binding are required to use this library, setup instructions here.

node-postal - NodeJS bindings to libpostal for fast international address parsing/normalization

  •    C++

These are the NodeJS bindings to libpostal, a fast, multilingual NLP library for parsing/normalizing physical addresses. libpostal is written in C because virtually every other language can bind to C.

pypostal - Python bindings to libpostal for fast international address parsing/normalization

  •    C

These are the official Python bindings to https://github.com/openvenues/libpostal, a fast statistical parser/normalizer for street addresses anywhere in the world. pypostal supports Python 2.7+ and Python 3.4+. These bindings are written using the Python C API and thus support CPython only. Since libpostal is a standalone C library, support for PyPy is still possible with a CFFI wrapper, but is not a goal for this repo.

media-player - A tiny, totally cross browser, accessible, fully customizable media player

  •    Javascript

Media Player is a tiny, responsive, international, accessible, cross browser, easily customizable media player written in plain vanilla JavaScript. Media Player can be controlled with any pointer or keyboard, whether it’s to play, pause, move across the timeline, mute, unmute, adjust the volume, enter or leave fullscreen, or download the source.

node-phonenumber - Google's phone number handling library ported to Node

  •    Javascript

Test will be run to verify the phone number format of MY country, test for another countries are welcome. Please see the test file in test\index.js and insert below code as example. Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS, WITHOUT WARRANTIES OR CONDITIONS OF ANY KIND, either express or implied. See the License for the specific language governing permissions and limitations under the License.

IPA-Keyboard - IPA Keyboard

  •    Javascript

International Phonetic Alphabet Symbols Web and Desktop Application built using Vue.js, Gulp and Node-Webkit (nw.js). Responsive Cross-Browser Web Application and standalone Desktop Cross-Plattform Application for Mac OSX, Windows and Linux. Requirements : Node.js and gulp. Download and Install Node.js if you don't have it installed already on your computer from the node website, install gulp globally. In case you have a previous gulp version run npm rm --global gulp in order to avoid collision with the gulp-cli.

RTLtextarea - Automatically detects RTL and configures a text input

  •    Javascript

Automatically detects RTL (right-to-left) languages and appropriately configures the text input, without having to manually specify CSS direction or dir property on page load. Allows automatic switching between LTR and RTL languages. This module will set the direction of a textarea to RTL when a threshold of RTL characters has been reached (rtlThreshold). It also applies Twitter- specific RTL rules regarding the placement of @ signs, # tags, and URLs.

translatedjs - Internationalization and localization for JavaScript and Node.js

  •    Javascript

Internationalization (i18n) and localization (l10n) library. This library uses ECMAScript Internationalization API and industry standards ICU Message Format and Unicode CLDR locale data. It is build on top of intl-messageformat and intl-relativeformat packages from Yahoo Inc..

smartystreets-javascript-sdk - The official client libraries for accessing SmartyStreets APIs from javascript

  •    Javascript

The official client libraries for accessing SmartyStreets APIs with JavaScript. You may have noticed this page is curiously sparse. Don't panic, there's documentation as well as working examples over on our website.

phone - Elixir phone number parser for numbers in international standard.

  •    Elixir

Phone number parser for telephone numbers in international standard or missing international country code, for Elixir. Note on version 0.4.0 onward: Phone was rebuild to increase performance, that may increase compilation time but made Phone 100 times faster.

parse-decimal-number - Parse a decimal number with i18n format support (localized decimal points and comma separators)

  •    CoffeeScript

OK, let’s fix international numbers parsing and validation once and forever. I got the inspiration for this in a UI project because somehow the libraries we used didn’t do a great job, so I wrote my own parser, and this is a more polished version of it. In it’s simplest form, you just use it as a parseFloat replacement.

intldate - A small php library for date converting between multiple calendar

  •    PHP

The preferred way to install this extension is through composer. to the require section of your composer.json file.

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