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interledger-payment-app-example - An implementation of the Interledger spec through an Android's Payment App

  •    Java

This is a project that was done as part of a hack-o-thon organized at the Interledger Workshop at Blockchain Expo. This repo is meant as a showcase of an Android payment app, using the Interledger spec for payment.As such, it contains both the website implementation of the Payment Request and a Payment App itself. It does not contain the ledger implementations. These are hardcoded to use https://red.ilpdemo.org and https://blue.ilpdemo.org as originating and the destination ledgers. Both are running the NodeJS ILP kit and have been implemented as an initiative to show off the Interledger spec.

ilp-sdk - Stream Interledger payments between Lightning, Ethereum and XRP

  •    TypeScript

The SDK is built around the concept of an uplink, which is a relationship with a connector, or money router, using a particular settlement mechanism. Any number of uplinks can be configured, with different private keys/accounts on the base ledger, connected to different connectors. By default, the SDK connects to the Kava testnet connector; user-defined connectors will be supported in the near future. However, Kava's connector configuration is open-source, enabling you to run a local connector for development.

switch - Interledger wallet for non-custodial crypto trading and streaming payments

  •    Vue

Switch is the fastest, most secure way to swap cryptocurrencies. Recent developments in blockchain scaling enable lightning-fast swaps, interoperability across blockchains, and complete self-custody of assets. Download the latest release for Mac, Windows, and Linux here.

webtorrent-ilp - A modified version of the WebTorrent client that pays content creators and seeders using the Interledger Protocol (ILP)

  •    Javascript

A modified version of the WebTorrent client that pays content creators and seeders using the Interledger Protocol (ILP).

akita - A browser extension that gives you insight into your engagement with Web Monetization.

  •    Javascript

A browser extension that gives you insight into your engagement with Web Monetization, part of The Akita Project. Akita presents your top visited monetized sites, how much time you’re spending on them, and how much you're contributing (or could contribute) to them.

five-bells-condition - JavaScript implementation of Crypto Conditions validation and fulfillment

  •    Javascript

This specification is only a draft at this stage and has not been submitted. This will ensure that the requested type, features and fulfillment length are all accepted by the current implementation.

ilp - ILP client for browsers/Node.js

  •    TypeScript

Using ilp.createPlugin is an alias for the deprecated ilp-plugin module. It creates an instance of a BTP plugin that will attempt to connect to a local moneyd instance by default. This can be overridden using environment variables. The module looks for ILP_PLUGIN_OPTIONS (or ILP_CREDENTIALS however this is deprecated) and ILP_PLUGIN. ILP_PLUGIN_OPTIONS must contain a JSON object and will be passed into the constructor of a new plugin instance. The name of the plugin type to instantiate must be stored as a string in the environment variable ILP_PLUGIN or it will default to ilp-plugin-btp.

ilp-connector - Reference implementation of an Interledger connector.

  •    TypeScript

This is a JavaScript reference implementation of an Interledger connector. Find out more about the Interledger architecture and Interledger protocol. An Interledger connector forwards Interledger packets, just like an Internet router forward Internet packets. The difference is that Interledger packets represent value in addition to data. Interledger connectors do not actually move the money, they rely on plugins for settlement. Plugins may settle by making a payment on an external payment system like ACH or they may use payments channels over a digital asset ledger like XRP Ledger or Bitcoin. Some plugins may not settle at all - this is useful for example when the plugin connects two hosts owned by the same person.

ilp-plugin-ethereum - Settle Interledger payments with ETH and ERC-20 tokens

  •    TypeScript

🚨 Expect breaking changes while this plugin is in beta. Settle Interledger packets with streaming micropayments of ETH or an ERC-20 token.

ilp-protocol-stream - Interledger Transport Protocol for sending multiple streams of money and data over ILP

  •    TypeScript

This document describes the JavaScript implementation of Interledger's STREAM transport protocol. STREAM stands for Streaming Transport for the Real-time Exchange of Assets and Messages. It’s a transport-layer protocol that's used to send packets of money and data through the Interledger network, rather than over the internet.

interledgerjs - Interledger.js Monorepo

  •    TypeScript

If you are interested in contributing, please read the contributing guidelines. and follow the command prompts. This will commit the package version changes and create the necessary tags - all of which will be pushed to master. It will also create changelogs and official GitHub releases.

moneyd - Connect your machine to the Interledger

  •    Javascript

When moneyd was created, what we referred to as the Interledger livenet was a community-run network for research and development purposes. Today there is a well-established Interledger network based around wallet providers such as Gatehub, XRPTipBot, and Stronghold which we call the Interledger livenet. Today's Interledger livenet makes it easy for anyone to get a payment pointer to receive Interledger payments, and has handled billions of micropayments. However, the wallets which now make up the livenet have not yet exposed moneyd-like direct Interledger access.

moneyd-gui - Graphical interface for moneyd

  •    Javascript

Make sure you start Moneyd with --admin-api-port 7769. Then go to localhost:7770 in your browser.

moneyd-uplink-xrp - Connect to the ILP network using XRP.

  •    Javascript

ILP provider using XRP payment channels

settlement-lightning - ⚡️ Settle Interledger payments using the Lightning Network

  •    TypeScript

🚨 Expect breaking changes while this plugin is in beta. The integration requires an existing Lightning node with connectivity to the greater Lightning network. Note that speed within the Lightning network degrades as two peers have more degrees of separation, and opening a direct channel provides a much faster experience.

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