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rocky - Full-featured, middleware-oriented, programmatic HTTP and WebSocket proxy for node.js

  •    Javascript

A multipurpose, full-featured, middleware-oriented and hackable HTTP/S and WebSocket proxy with powerful built-in features such as versatile routing layer, traffic interceptor and replay to multiple backends, built-in balancer, traffic retry/backoff logic, hierarchical configuration, among others. Built for node.js/io.js.rocky can be fluently used programmatically or via command-line interface. It's framework agnostic, but you can optionally plug in with connect/express apps.

wssip - Application for capturing, modifying and sending custom WebSocket data from client to server and vice versa

  •    Javascript

Short for "WebSocket/Socket.io Proxy", this tool, written in Node.js, provides a user interface to capture, intercept, send custom messages and view all WebSocket and Socket.IO communications between the client and server. Upstream proxy support also means you can forward HTTP/HTTPS traffic to an intercepting proxy of your choice (e.g. Burp Suite or Pappy Proxy) but view WebSocket traffic in WSSiP. More information can be found on the blog post.

node-proxy - Harmony Proxies in node

  •    C++

node-proxy is an implementation of Harmony Proxies http://wiki.ecmascript.org/doku.php?id=harmony:proxies that allows the developer to create "catch-all" property handlers for an object or a function in node.js.

node-thin - HTTP/HTTPS Debugging Proxy

  •    Javascript

is a HTTP/HTTPS debugging proxy which allows to use collection of middlewares/interceptors in order to trace/pre-process/post-process requests and resposes. The proxy in HTTPS mode actually allows simulate the man-in-the-middle (mitm) attack or traffic hijacking. Concept of middlewares is similar to connect (expressjs) frameworks. Response should be intercepted instead of original.

ajax-interceptor - This permits to wire interceptors on XHR requests and responses

  •    Javascript

This permits to wire some request and response hooks on any Ajax calls. I find this handy, for exemple, to handle user session expiration and redirect the user to the login page whenever an Ajax call fails with an auth failure.

superagent-intercept - Add functions that will be called during end() e

  •    Javascript

Add interceptors that will be called during end() e.g. for handling error conditions without having the same code all over the place.

grpc-tools - A suite of gRPC debugging tools. Like Fiddler/Charles but for gRPC.

  •    Go

The main tool is grpc-dump which transparently intercepts network traffic and logs all gRPC and gRPC-Web requests with full metadata as a JSON stream. This stream is easily readable as it is or you can use tools like jq for more complex visualisation. These tools are in alpha so expect breaking changes between releases. See the changelog for full details.