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geheimtur - a secret door to your Pedestal application

  •    Clojure

a Clojure library that allows you to secure your Pedestal applications with minimum efforts. I do know that there is a great friend library out there, but I had some problems making it work with a Pedestal application and do that the way I wanted, so I decided to implement something that does (hopefully) some good work securing Pedestal applications as easily (hopefully) as friend does with Ring applications.

muuntaja - Clojure library for fast http api format negotiation, encoding and decoding.

  •    Clojure

Clojure library for fast http format negotiation, encoding and decoding. Standalone library, but ships with adapters for ring (async) middleware & Pedestal-style interceptors. Explicit & extendable, supporting out-of-the-box JSON, EDN and Transit (both JSON & Msgpack). Ships with optional adapters for MessagePack and YAML. Based on ring-middleware-format, but a complete rewrite (and up to 30x faster).

sieppari - Small interceptor library

  •    Clojure

Small, fast, and complete interceptor library with built-in support for common async libraries. Interceptors, like in Pedestal, but with minimal implementation and optimal performance.

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