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Arrow - Game Narrative Design Tool

  •    GDScript

Arrow is a handy, free, open-source and feature-rich tool to design game narrative, develop text-adventures, or create any other kind of nonlinear interactive storytelling document. At the time MacOS releases are not available. Mac users may kindly and easily build Arrow from source.

IF Wiki - Interactive Fiction Wiki Games

  •    ASPNET

IF Wiki lets anybody create (and play) Adventure Games online. It combines Wikis with Interactive Fiction, so players can also author games. The technologies involved are ASP.net MVC, Markdown and JQuery.


  •    DotNet

Quest 5.0 is a brand new system for creating and playing text adventure games, also known as interactive fiction. It lets you create sophisticated text-based games which can even include graphics, sounds and videos, all without having to know how to program yourself - a ful...

lectrote - The IF interpreter in an Electron shell

  •    Javascript

Lectrote packages up IF interpreters with the Chromium browser as a Mac/Win/Linux app. When launched, it prompts you to select a game file to play. You can play several games at the same time in separate windows. Your position is always autosaved; when you launch a game, your last play session will automatically be resumed.

ifvms.js - The Interactive Fiction Virtual Machines Suite - in Javascript

  •    Javascript

ifvms.js, the Javascript Interactive Fiction Virtual Machines project is a new set of third generation VM engines for web IF interpreters. Like the second generation VMs Gnusto and Quixe, the ifvms.js VMs include a Just-In-Time disassembler/compiler. What justifies the third generation label is that the disassembler generates an Abstract Syntax Tree, allowing Inform idioms, for example for and while loops, to be identified and mapped to Javascript control structures (currently not enabled). Identifying these idioms allows the JIT code to run for longer, lowering overheads and therefore increasing performance. Currently only the Z-Machine is supported, but plans to support Glulx and possibly TADS are in the works.

narrows - Online storytelling system

  •    Elm

You can also think of it as a way of running ruleless, diceless RPGs online (which is indeed the reason why I wrote it in the first place). If all this works you will have to find a way to keep the server running, eg. supervisor.

react-fiction - An interactive fiction framework for React.

  •    Javascript

A interactive fiction framework for React. See the documentation for full usage details.

langterm - 🕹️ WebGL-based VT220 emulator, made as a learning example and frontend for a text adventure

  •    HTML

This is a WebGL-based VT220 emulator with a simple fallback for non-JS/non-WebGL/non-desktop browsers. Made as a learning example and frontend for a cute text adventure game. Also used as my home page on https://langworth.com/, hence the extra files.

counterfeit-monkey - Counterfeit Monkey by Emily Short

  •    Inform

Counterfeit Monkey is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 license. Note that this excludes the feelies (the posters); only the images which are complied into the gamefile are licensed. The feelies can be freely redistributed, but not modified.

Glory-Framework - A page-based, multi-target media framework built using Haxe and OpenFL

  •    Haxe

Glory Framework is a page-based media framework built using Haxe, OpenFL, and PureMVC. It can be used for interactive e-books, adventure games, websites, or slide presentations on any target supported by OpenFL. It uses an XML configuration file to build the layout of each page, including placement and function of different controls. Each page can have its own custom class if desired.

choba-engine - Choba is an experimental interactive storytelling engine written in JavaScript

  •    Javascript

Choba (short for CHOice BAsed) is an experimental interactive storytelling engine written in JavaScript. It is intended to be used for choice-based interactive fiction (IF), and more. Choba's inner workings are an experiment. Does it make sense to use something resembling a programming language inside a storytelling engine? Time will tell.

AIF - AIF Framework for Inform 7

  •    Inform

Support for writing Adult Interactive Fiction (AIF) using Inform 7. See https://informedaif.wordpress.com/framework/ for more information. Erotic Storytelling.i7x: Main extension, containing layered clothing model, erotic actions and support functions, with templates for easy implementation.

advenjure - Text adventure engine written in Clojure and ClojureScript

  •    Clojure

You can see the code for a working example in the advenjure-example repository and play it online here. For a fully fledged game see House Taken Over.

elm-interactive-story-starter - Build your own interactive stories using the Elm Narrative Engine

  •    Elm

A starting point to build your own interactive stories using the Elm Narrative Engine. The Elm Narrative Engine is a unique tool for telling interactive stories. It features a context-aware rule-matching system to drive the story forward, and offers a total separation of logic, presentation, and content, making it an extremely flexible and extensible engine.

jericho - A learning environment for Interactive Fiction games.

  •    C

Jericho is an environment that connects learning agents with interactive fiction games. Jericho uses Frotz and Ztools to provide a fast, python-based interface to Z-machine games. Linux, Python 3, and basic build tools like gcc.

advprompt - a system for authoring interactive fiction interactively

  •    HTML

Adventure Prompt is an interactive fiction authoring system with a twist. Two or three, even. Even better, this happens in an attractive book-like interface that puts everything within easy reach.

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