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Charts - The laravel charting package

  •    PHP

Charts is a PHP (Laravel) library to handle all the charts in your application. It supports multiple charting libraries and they allow to be loaded over AJAX with a nice loading animation. The documentation for the latest version of charts can be found here by pressing the image below.

muze - Composable data visualisation library for web with a data-first approach now powered by WebAssembly

  •    Javascript

Muze is a free data visualization library for creating exploratory data visualizations (like Tableau) in browser, using WebAssembly. It uses a layered Grammar of Graphics (GoG) to create composable and interactive data visualization for web. It is ideal for use in visual analytics dashboards & applications to create highly performant, interactive, multi-dimensional, and composable visualizations. It uses a data-first approach to define the constructs and layers of the chart, automatically generates cross-chart interactivity, and allows you to over-ride any behavior or interaction on the chart.

d3fc - A collection of components that make it easy to build interactive charts with D3

  •    HTML

A collection of components that make it easy to build interactive charts with D3. This project has recently upgraded to D3 version 5 to take advantage of the new promise-based API, and stays compatible with D3 version 4 for all other functionality. For more details, see the release notes for D3 version 5.0 and d3fc v14.0.0.

vue-fusioncharts - Vue Component for FusionCharts JavaScript Charting Library

  •    Javascript

A simple and lightweight VueJS component for FusionCharts JavaScript Charting Library. The Vue-FusionCharts wrapper lets you easily include FusionCharts in your VueJS projects. Direct Download All binaries are located on our github repository.

ux-charts - Simple, responsive, modern Charts with zero dependencies

  •    Rust

UX Charts is a drawing library designed for clean charts. UX Charts supports various types of backend including GTK/Cairo and HTML5 Canvas. UX Charts are designed with the concept - one code for all. UX Charts uses the UX Dataflow library as the data source and the UX Animate library as the canvas implementation. UX Charts is part of the Angular Rust framework.

manipulateWidget - Add More Interactivity to htmlwidgets

  •    R

manipulateWidget lets you create in just a few lines of R code a nice user interface to modify the data or the graphical parameters of one or multiple interactive charts. It is useful to quickly explore visually some data or for package developers to generate user interfaces easy to maintain. This R package is largely inspired by the manipulate package from Rstudio. It provides the function manipulateWidget that can be used to create in a very easy way a graphical interface that let the user modify the data or the parameters of an interactive chart. Technically, the function generates a Shiny gadget, but the user does not even have to know what is Shiny.

notion-charts - Tool to build charts for your notion.so database

  •    HTML

Notion Charts is a simple tool to create beautiful charts for Notion.so. Simply use https://charts.mathix.ninja url, and follow the documentation below.

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