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snips-nlu - Snips Python library to extract meaning from text

  •    Python

Snips NLU (Natural Language Understanding) is a Python library that allows to parse sentences written in natural language and extracts structured information. To find out how to use Snips NLU please refer to our documentation, it will provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to use and setup our library.

adapt - Adapt Intent Parser

  •    Python

To take a dependency on Adapt, it's recommended to use virtualenv and pip to install source from github. Executable examples can be found in the examples folder.

ecolect-js - Natural language handling for commands and intents

  •    Javascript

Ecolect helps with parsing natural language to intents and values. This can be used as a part in building a natural language interface for things such as bots, voice or search interfaces. The main function of Ecolect is to match natural language expressions to intents. Every expression is parsed into tokens that are matched and scored using a language specific comparison function. This allows the library to match for example cookies even if the user skipped the last s and entered cookie instead.

padaos - A rigid, lightweight, dead-simple intent parser

  •    Python

To deploy an intent parser into production with an automated feedback loop, it's essential that the new data doesn't interfere with the old data. It's also necessary that the parser can learn from sentences that closely match written English (or any other language). That's what Padaos does. Padaos converts a series of example sentences into one big chunk of regex. Each intent is a single compiled regex matcher. Here's a fex examples of the input example and the output regex.

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