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n8n - Workflow Automation Tool

  •    Typescript

n8n (pronounced n-eight-n) is an extendable workflow automation tool. It helps you to interconnect every app with an API in the world with each other to share and manipulate its data without a single line of code. It is an easy to use, user-friendly and highly customizable service, which uses an intuitive user interface for you to design your unique workflows very fast. Hosted on your server and not based in the cloud, it keeps your sensible data very secure in your own trusted database.

enumeratum - A type-safe, reflection-free, powerful enumeration implementation for Scala with exhaustive pattern match warnings and helpful integrations

  •    Scala

Enumeratum is a type-safe and powerful enumeration implementation for Scala that offers exhaustive pattern match warnings, integrations with popular Scala libraries, and idiomatic usage that won't break your IDE. It aims to be similar enough to Scala's built in Enumeration to be easy-to-use and understand while offering more flexibility, type-safety (see this blog post describing erasure on Scala's Enumeration), and richer enum values without having to maintain your own collection of values. Enumeratum is published for Scala 2.10.x, 2.11.x, and 2.12.x as well as ScalaJS.

Shuffle - Shuffle: A general purpose security automation platform

  •    Javascript

Shuffle is an automation platform focused on accessibility. We believe everyone should have access to efficient processes, and are striving to make that a possibility by making integrations for YOUR tools. Security Operations is complex, but it doesn't have to be. Please consider sponsoring the project if you want to see more rapid development.

streamsheets - An open-source tool for processing stream data using a spreadsheet-like interface.

  •    Javascript

The Streamsheet® core is an open-source tool for making your data immediately understandable and for creating IoT applications visually and interactively - without a single line of code. Also, visit us on our website or check out the Streamsheets forum.

addons-library - Optimizely Addons Library

  •    Javascript

This library houses all of Optimizely’s Add On components. Add Ons allow you to build on-top and extend Optimizely. Currently, we support Extensions and Custom Integrations.Please contact developers@optimizely.com if you have any questions.

integrations-core - Core integrations of the datadog agent

  •    Python

This repository contains the Agent Integrations that Datadog officially develops and supports. To add a new integration, please see the Integrations Extras repository and the accompanying documentation.To get started developing with the integrations-core repo you will need: gem and python.

infra-integrations-sdk - New Relic Infrastructure Integrations SDK

  •    Go

New Relic Infrastructure, provided by New Relic, Inc (http://www.newrelic.com), offers flexible, dynamic server monitoring. We provide an SDK for creating an integration for reporting custom host and server data, including metric, event, and inventory (system state) data. That data will be findable and usable in New Relic Infrastructure and in New Relic Insights. You can find the complete documentation of the SDK on our docs site.This Go package helps take the complexity out of building an Infrastructure Integration by providing a set of useful GO functions and data structures. For instance, some common use cases like reading values from command-line arguments or environment variables, initializing a structure with all the necessary fields for an Integration defined by our SDK or generating and printing a JSON to stdout, are covered and simplified by this package.

matrix-dimension - An alternative integrations manager for Riot

  •    Javascript

Dimension supports some bridges and bots, however using Dimension in a production scenario is not recommended. Dimension uses features available in recent builds of Riot and may not work on older versions. There are plans on the matrix.org front to better support integration managers. Those changes may require an updated homeserver and Riot when made available.

sumologic-content - Welcome to Sumo Logic's Community Content Repository!

  •    Python

We created this repository of content for everyone to use. Our goals are to help reduce time to value and shed light on possibilities. Your contributions are welcome. Support for this content is provided by our community on a volunteer basis. Visit the #sumo-content channel on our Public slack group @ http://slack.sumologic.com to discuss or ask for help. Submit GitHub Issues for bugs and enhancement requests.

Rocket.Chat.Integrations - Rocket.Chat Integrations

  •    Javascript

Rocket.Chat provides an extendable Webhook integration framework, what means that through incoming and outgoing Webhook scripts we can integrate with every other platform on the web. Here you can find some Webhook scripts already written to integrate with applications we all know and love.

infra-integrations - New Relic Infrastructure Integrations

  •    Makefile

New Relic Infrastructure, provided by New Relic, Inc (http://www.newrelic.com), offers flexible, dynamic server monitoring. This package contains the set of official integrations supported by New Relic, built to provide the essential metrics and inventory for monitoring the services. That data will be findable and usable in New Relic Infrastructure and in New Relic Insights. You can find more information on how to access and visualize that data on our docs site. This repository serves as an aggregator where you can find each of our integrations as submodules under the integrations/ directory, you'll find more information about them in the following section. Previously this was a mono-repo that hosted the source code of the integrations, but as the number of integrations grew we move them to their own repositories.

nr-integrations-builder - Command-line tool for scaffolding new New Relic Infrastructure integrations

  •    Go

You can use this command-line tool to create and scaffold a new integration in Golang for New Relic Integration Agent. The generated code uses the New Relic Infrastructure Integrations Go SDK. Please visit the Go SDK documentation for more information about its API and structure.

integrations - This project contains various resources for integrating Wavefront with third-party and open-source tools

  •    Python

This repository contains various resources for integrating Wavefront with third-party and open source tools. See the documentation for the total list of integrations supported by Wavefront. Update YOUR_API_TOKEN and the URL to your Wavefront cluster.

signalfx-agent - The SignalFx SmartAgent

  •    Go

The SignalFx Smart Agent is a metric agent written in Go for monitoring infrastructure and application services in a variety of different environments. It is meant as a successor to our previous collectd agent, but still uses that internally on Linux -- so any existing Python or C-based collectd plugins will still work without modification. On Windows collectd is not included, but the agent is capable of running python based collectd plugins without collectd. C-based collectd plugins are not available on Windows. Observers watch the various environments that we support to discover running services and automatically configure the agent to send metrics for those services.

nri-mysql - New Relic Infrastructure MySQL Integration

  •    Go

The New Relic integration for MySQL captures critical performance metrics and inventory reported by MySQL database. Data is obtained by querying directly the database for its status and configuration variables to build the reported metrics and inventory.

nri-redis - New Relic Infrastructure Redis Integration

  •    Go

Our Redis integration reports critical performance data from your Redis server to New Relic products. You can view this metric data and inventory data in pre-built dashboards, create alert policies, and create custom queries and charts. You can also specify keys that are important to your application and get information about their length. For installation and usage instructions, see our documentation web site.

nr1-integrations-manager - Reduce the effort to create, manage and deploy new integrations.

  •    Javascript

Use the Integrations Manager to simplify the work of deploying first class product integrations, and developing and deploying new integrations that are built using Flex. Flex is an agnostic, all-in-one integration that makes sending data to New Relic from third party sources easier than ever.

nri-cassandra - New Relic Infrastructure Cassandra Integration

  •    Go

The New Relic integration for Cassandra captures critical performance metrics and inventory reported by Cassandra server. For installation and usage instructions, see our documentation web site.

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