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node-bignum - Big integers for Node.js using OpenSSL

  •    Javascript

Arbitrary precision integral arithmetic for Node.js using OpenSSL. This library is based on node-bigint by substack, but instead of using libgmp, it uses the builtin bignum functionality provided by OpenSSL. The advantage is that OpenSSL is already part of Node.js, so this library does not add any external dependency whatsoever.


  •    JQuery

jQuery plugin,which allows to minimize (collapse, hide) a long table down to integer row number.

LittleIntPacker - C library to pack and unpack short arrays of integers as fast as possible

  •    C

This is a bit packing library. Bit packing is the process by which you take arrays of (32-bit) integers that fit in [0,2^L) and you write them out using as close to L bits per integer as possible.For long blocks of integers (e.g., 128 integers or more), SIMD bit packing is ideal. See for example https://github.com/lemire/simdcomp where blocks of 128 integers are packed and unpacked very fast.

hash-index - A hashing function which returns integers with a possible max value

  •    Javascript

A function which will always return the same output given the same input. The output is an integer in the range 0..n. By default n is infinity-1, but another max value can be provided as an optional 2nd argument.The output is not guaranteed to be unique - only to be predictable based on the input.

awesome64 - WIP Awesome 64-bit integer implementation in JS

  •    Javascript

Awesome implementation of 64-bit integers in JS.This software is licensed under the MIT License.

lexicographic-integer - create lexicographic string keys for positive integers without zero-padding

  •    Javascript

At most, a number will take 10 bytes to store (2 more bytes than a regular double) but all numbers less than 251 only take a single byte.If encoding is undefined or 'array', return an array of byte values between 0 and 255, inclusive for the integer n.

node-bigint - Arithmetic on big integers using libgmp

  •    Javascript

This library wraps around libgmp's integer functions to perform infinite-precision arithmetic.You should also consider using bignum, which is based on the bigint api but uses openssl instead of libgmp, which you are more likely to already have on your system.

stochator - Little utility library for random value generation.

  •    Javascript

Stochator is a tiny library providing for creating a variety of random value generators. To create a Stochator object, simply invoke the constructor and pass it an options object with a kind property. If not provided, kind is 'float'.

int64-buffer - 64bit Long Integer on Buffer/ArrayBuffer in Pure JavaScript

  •    Javascript

JavaScript's number based on IEEE-754 could only handle 53 bits precision. This module provides two pair of classes: Int64BE/Uint64BE and Int64LE/Uint64LE which could hold 64 bits long integer and loose no bit. Int64BE is the class to host a 64 bit signed long integer int64_t.

js-strange - Range object for JavaScript

  •    Javascript

stRange.js is a range object for JavaScript. Use it to have a single value type with two endpoints and their boundaries. Also implements an interval tree for quick lookups. Stringifies itself in the style of [begin,end) and allows you to parse a string back. Also useful with PostgreSQL. stRange.js follows semantic versioning, so feel free to depend on its major version with something like >= 1.0.0 < 2 (a.k.a ^1.0.0).

js-cuint - C-like unsigned integers for Javascript

  •    Javascript

An unsigned 32 bits integer is represented by an object with its first 16 bits (low bits) and its 16 last ones (high bits). All the supported standard operations on the unsigned integer are then performed transparently. NB. In case of overflow, the unsigned integer is truncated to its lowest 32 bits (in case of UINT32) or 64 bits (in case of UINT64).

is-even - Returns true if the given number is even

  •    Javascript

Return true if the given number is even. Pull requests and stars are always welcome. For bugs and feature requests, please create an issue.

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