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flamer - A compiler plugin to insert flame calls

  •    Rust

This needs a nightly rustc! Because flamer is a compiler plugin, it uses unstable APIs, which are not available on stable or beta. It may be possible to extend flamer to allow use with syntex, but this hasn't been tried yet. You should then be able to annotate every item (or even the whole crate) with #[flame] annotations. You can also use #[noflame] annotations to disable instrumentations for subitems of #[flame]d items. Note that this only instruments the annotated methods, it does not print out the results.

cubostratus - Blazingly fast Linux syscall collector

  •    Rust

cubostratus is a high performance Linux syscall collector. It acquires the syscall flow from the rock solid sysdig driver and emits it to Kafka brokers for later ingestion, storage and analysis.