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cli - a package manager for JavaScript

  •    Javascript

This is just enough info to get you up and running. Much more info will be available via npm help once it's installed.

nmod - node_modules manager

  •    Javascript

nmod is a node_modules manager. node_modules is a 0.4 new feature. It provides a simple and regular way to install packages (read more). nmods is cloned from ryp but is implemented in node.js. Thanks to node_modules principle, nmod installs npm packages locally.

elm-proper-install - Properly install things from Github for Elm

  •    Javascript

Properly install things from Github for Elm

sixarm_mac_osx_installation_help - SixArm.com » Mac OSX installation help, notes, and guides

  •    Shell

The new location has better notes and improvemnts for macOS Sierra. How to set up a new Mac computer that is running macOS? These notes show how our teams do it.

canihaz - canihaz, lazy installing node.js modules

  •    Javascript

My use case for this library is a front-end build system that I have been developing. It's called square and uses a plugin based system to process your front-end code such as CSS, JavaScript and all possible pre-processors. If I wanted to support every CSS pre-processor I would have had to specify: sass, less and stylus in the dependencies, but nobody is ever going to use all of them, so 90% of these modules would have been pointless bloat. And I, personally hate code bloat. It's a disease that spreads exponentially with every module that is released and dependent upon. So to combat this bloat I wanted to have a way to lazy load and (silently) install the modules when they are needed. The --save parameter tells NPM that it should add it to your package.json, so less editing for you.

GitHubExtIns - Install Browser Extensions straight from GitHub Repositories.


This Add-On allows you to install browser extensions straight from GitHub Repositories, the only requirement in the current version is that the extension files are placed in the root of the repo. If that is the case (ie, a install.rdf file is found there), a new button will be added in the right-bottom side of the page as shown in the next screenshot. Please note the installation is performed in the background, there won't be a confirmation dialog, you'll just get a notification indicating whether the installation succeed or failed.

find-node-or-install - Finds the bin directory where node and npm are installed, or installs a local copy of them if not found

  •    Shell

Finds the bin directory where node and npm are installed, or installs a local copy of them in a temp folder if not found. Then outputs where they are. If no Node.js installation is found, the script makes use of nvm, configuring it to install the latest Node.js v6.x.x in a temporary directory.

node-idevice - Node wrapper around ideviceinstaller

  •    Javascript

Install apps to your ios device with node. This project depends on ideviceinstaller from the libimobiledevice project. The currently preferred way of obtaining the binary is to use brew.

npm-install-missing - An NPM module to reinstall missing dependencies.

  •    Javascript

An NPM module to reinstall missing dependencies. I created this module after working on a project where deployments were failing due to missing module dependencies. An npm install would fail to install the required dependencies for an unknown reason and without error. Since npm install succeeds without error, there wasn't a way to tell if the dependency installation failed.

installme-osx - My personal script to setup a new OSX

  •    Shell

These are just my personal scripts to help me setup a new osx machine. Setting up a new osx machine requires some manual steps, a gist enumerating all these steps is available here.

apt-cyg - Copy of apt-cyg [http://code.google.com/p/apt-cyg/] SVN repository

  •    Shell

Copy of apt-cyg [http://code.google.com/p/apt-cyg/] SVN repository

jupyter-devinstall - Utility for setting up a Jupyter developer environment.

  •    Javascript

Utility designed to simplify the installation of a Jupyter/IPython development environment. If you have not specified the --silent (-s for short) flag, part way through the tool will behave like a wizard, prompting you for input.

cordova-plugin-wkwebview-inject-cookie - Injects a cookie in order to start the sync processs with wkWebView

  •    Objective-C

When switching to wkWebView in Cordova for iOS some plugins have the known issue that cookies won't be used properly on the very first start of the application, or every time using the iOS Simulator. In particular session cookies. This is due to a missing proper sync between the underlying WKHTTPCookieStore and the WebView. While this issue could probably only get fixed by Apple in the first place, there is a simple workaround available to get it working: Once a dummy cookie is placed into the WKHTTPCookieStore manually, the syncronization gets triggered (started) and it won't bug you ever again.

homer-installer - HOMER 5 Install Scripts and Install Packages

  •    Shell

WARNING: Homer is rock-solid, while the installers and packages are experimental. Use at your own risk! For a reliable and fine-tuned setup please carefully review each element and/or contact support@sipcapture.org for professional assistance.