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instafeed.js - A simple Instagram javascript plugin

  •    CoffeeScript

Instafeed is a dead-simple way to add Instagram photos to your website. No jQuery required, just good 'ol plain javascript. Before you decide to use instafeed.js, be aware that Instagram is shutting down the API platform that enables instafeed to work. As of now, instafeed.js works for some common uses (eg. embedding a single user's feed on a web page), but can't work for more complex uses (eg. retrieving all public images with a particular hashtag, finding posts based on a location, etc).

instagram_private_api - A Python library to access Instagram's private API.

  •    Python

A Python wrapper for the Instagram private API with no 3rd party dependencies. Supports both the app and web APIs. I wrote this to access Instagram's API when they clamped down on developer access. Because this is meant to achieve parity with the official public API, methods not available in the public API will generally have lower priority.

SwiftInstagram - Instagram API client written in Swift

  •    Swift

SwiftInstagram is a wrapper for the Instagram API written in Swift. It allows you to authenticate users and request data from Instagram effortlessly. I've prepared a wiki page where you can find tons of useful things.

goinsta - Unofficial Instagram API written in Golang

  •    Go

This code is in no way affiliated with, authorized, maintained, sponsored or endorsed by Instagram or any of its affiliates or subsidiaries. This is an independent and unofficial API. Use at your own risk. Sorry for breaking dependences :(. You can use this command in your project folder to update old master branch to v1.

follow-sync - Re-synchronize your Instagram following list (or: unfollow everyone who doesn't follow you back)

  •    Go

Follow Sync is a little Go program that helps you synchronize your Instagram "Following" list. Basically, it can unfollow all profiles that are not following you back. It uses the Instagram unofficial API (ahmdrz/goinsta) to log in to your account (pretending that it's an Android device), compares your followers and following lists, and provides a summary and a choice of action: go ahead and unfollow the users who don't follow you back, or exit and you can review the data on your own.

SFAuthenticationSession-Instagram-Oauth - Example using iOS 11's SFAuthenticationSession to perform Instagram Oauth flow

  •    Swift

Example using iOS 11's SFAuthenticationSession to login to Instagram. Contains a simple python Flask web service to handle Oauth callback and an iOS app that uses SFAuthenticationSession API to initiate auth flow. Session from Safari is shared, so users logged into web will already be logged in. Assumes you have some level of familiarity with Xcode and the command line, but does not require experience with python / Flask. You will need to start the Flask server, and run the iOS app in the simulator using xcode 9 (beta).

Android-MVVM-Architecture - Sample MVVM project uses instagram API

  •    Java

Sample MVVM project uses instagram API. Supported two-pane layouts for tablets. #Setup Add your client_id and redirect_uri to Constants class for authentication. For more detail you can follow instagram developer documentation.

instafetch - Hack the count limit Instagram imposes in its API

  •    Javascript

instafetch fetches media from Instagram based on (and only on) the user and/or tag, relying on the Instagram API. If you use the Instagram API to make a call, you will only get 33 results back, no matter what you specify in the count paramter. Instafetch will help you fetch more media than the limit imposes, in exchange for more API calls, which can count against your hourly limit.

meerkat - Watch your following activities on Instagram.

  •    Go

Watch your following activities on Instagram. With meerkat you can see users activities on Instagram , Such as like a comment , like a media , Or start following another user , Notify when new post shared on profile and many other activities.

go-instagram - Instagram private API in Go

  •    Go

This project is for study and personal use only. We hold no responsibilty of any use that violate Instagram's terms and conditions. The project is still in its early stage. Any pull request to extend its functionalities is most welcome.

dot-net-instagram - C# wrapper for Instagram's API

  •    CSharp

instagram.net is a class which you can use to interact with Instagram's API endpoints. It's a simple plugin that allows you to access public streams in under 5 lines of code.

instagram_private_api_extensions - An extension module to https://github

  •    Python

An extension module to instagram_private_api to help with common tasks such as posting a photo or video. pagination: Page through an api call such as api.user_feed().

InstagramLogin - Simple way to authenticate Instagram accounts on iOS

  •    Swift

InstagramLogin allows iOS developers to authenticate users by their Instagram accounts. InstagramLogin handles all the Instagram authentication process by showing a custom UIViewController with the login page and returning an access token that can be used to request data from Instagram.

Instagram-growth - Grow your Instagram follower base using this script

  •    PHP

Instagram has made changes in their API that require developers to apply to get permissions to use functionalities publicly. The default is now to work in a sandboxed version of the API. The developers will only be able to access their own or fellow testers/developers accounts without submitting their apps for review. Basicly it means that you will not be able to grow a following, because the script will only be able to interact with your account. Grow your Instagram follower base using this script. This will use your own account to get real followers that interact with the tags your choose.

instagram_api_gem - A Ruby wrapper for the Instagram API

  •    Ruby

Before you start making the requests to instagram API provide the access_token using the configuration wrapping. If you are going to use Subscriptions you should add client_id and client_secret. As for now Instagram access token doesn't change or expire, so you can use this simple-to-use service to generate it http://services.chrisriversdesign.com/instagram-token/ I the nearest future the OAuth authorization for access token fetching will be implemented.

Gramophone - Gramophone is a framework for interacting with the Instagram REST API, written in Swift

  •    Swift

Gramophone is a framework for interacting with the Instagram REST API, written in Swift. It includes authentication via OAuth, and methods to make asynchronous network calls to all of Instagram's publicly available API endpoints.

instagram - PHP SDK for Instagram

  •    PHP

This library is SDK, see OAuth provider in socialconnect/auth project. This project is open-sourced software licensed under the MIT License. See the LICENSE file for more information.

Instagram-for-macOS - A native, full-featured Instagram client for macOS.

  •    Objective-C

A native, full-featured Instagram client for macOS. Inxtify was a tool I created for macOS back in 2016, which was used by many creatives, artists and marketing specialists for them to take the advantage of advance tools on their macOS such as Photoshop and DSLR images. It was later on shutdown by Apple forcefully without clear details due to Facebook's legal claim. Thus it's not recommanded to use any part regarding this project for any application meant to be sold on Apple's App Store.