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AiEngine - Packet Inspection Engine

  •    C++

AIEngine is a packet inspection engine with capabilities of learning without any human intervention. AIEngine helps network/security profesionals to identify traffic and develop signatures for use them on NIDS, Firewalls, Traffic classifiers and so on or use them on the engine automatically.

php-semver-checker - Compares two source sets and determines the appropriate semantic versioning to apply

  •    PHP

PHP Semantic Versioning Checker is a console/library which allows you to inspect a set of before and after source code. After the inspection is completed, you are given a list of changes that have occurred between the two changesets following Semantic Versioning 2.0.0. For each of these changes, the level of the change (MAJOR, MINOR, PATCH) will be given, as well as the location of the change (file and line number) and a reason as to why this level change is suggested.

scapegoat - Scala compiler plugin for static code analysis

  •    Scala

Scapegoat is a Scala static code analyzer, what is more colloquially known as a code lint tool or linter. Scapegoat works in a similar vein to Java's FindBugs or checkstyle, or Scala's Scalastyle.A static code analyzer is a tool that flag suspicious language usage in code. This can include behavior likely to lead or bugs, non idiomatic usage of a language, or just code that doesn't conform to specified style guidelines.

rider-content - A curated list of content around JetBrains Rider


The list is divided into several sections such as tips and tricks, debugging, language support, ... In this category, we explore IDE tips and tricks that will help us become more productive when using Rider.

q-i - Node.js objects inspector with color highlighting

  •    Javascript

Useful for debugging big objects, like webpack configuration. Collapse arrays with more than maxItems items and objects with more than maxItems keys.

audria - audria - A Utility for Detailed Ressource Inspection of Applications

  •    C++

audria can be used to monitor a single process, a group of processes or all currently running processes. Furthermore it is possible to specify a command to execute in order to watch a process directly from startup. In contrast to some other tools, audria is designed to run in batch mode at very short intervals. This allows very detailed inspections of the resource usage of a process.

django-celery-inspect - Django reusable app that uses Celery Inspect command to monitor workers/tasks via the Django REST Framework

  •    Python

Django reusable-app that uses Celery Inspect command to monitor workers via the Django REST Framework. The main idea is to be able to monitor celery workers from another external service or server via a REST API and figure out if they are running or not by using celery's own [Inspect API] (http://docs.celeryproject.org/en/latest/userguide/workers.html#inspecting-workers).

intuit-spring-cloud-config-inspector - Inspection of Spring Cloud Config properties made easy using React

  •    Javascript

Inspect config files with config file url or metadata file url. Facilitate understanding how the Spring Cloud Config Server processes configuration files in the backend in order to serve to applications. Go to the Wiki pages for details on the features set.