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psi - PageSpeed Insights with reporting

  •    Javascript

Run mobile and desktop performance tests for your deployed site using Google PageSpeed Insights V2 with tidy reporting for your build process. As of PSI 2.x, we expose both the PageSpeed Insights speed and usability scores. The latter is based on usability rules that score a page based on factors like the presence of a sensible mobile viewport.

tmi - TMI (Too Many Images) - discover your image weight on the web

  •    Javascript

Find out the image weight in your pages, compare to the BigQuery quantiles and discover what images you can optimize further. Verbose mode will show you a detailed summary of which images needs improving.

insights - Desktop and Self-Hosted "SQL-not-required" data analytics and visualisation tool.

  •    Javascript

As our education marketplace grew, we faced a dilemma: we had little visibility into our data. Questions such as "who is our best customer?", "which target countries are gaining in sales?" or "what are our most popular categories for paid leads?" required tinkering in the Rails console or writing custom stats pages. We lost a lot of developer time over the years.

grunt-pagespeed - Grunt plugin to run Google PageSpeed Insights as part of CI

  •    CoffeeScript

Run mobile and desktop performance tests for your deployed site using Google PageSpeed Insights, uses psi and gpagespeed. This plugin is developed for Grunt 0.4.1 and is not tested for backward compatibility with Grunt 0.3.x.

pagespeed-inslides - HTML5 Slide Deck Generator Tool Based on the PageSpeed Insights API

  •    Javascript

The PageSpeed InSlides tool, which—as the name suggests (not a typo, think "PageSpeed, but in slides") —lifts the output from the PageSpeed Insights API and creates an interactive HTML5 slide deck for you, on the fly. The target audience is technical, for example, front-end engineers and webmasters, this is not meant as an introductory pitch deck. Also, the decks are designed for desktop, to be shown in full screen mode, ideally on a projector.Please note: this is not an official Google product.

webperf-lib-psi - A simple tool to crawl a sitemap and produce a PageSpeed Insight Score for each page

  •    Javascript

A simple tool which crawls a sitemap and gets a PageSpeed Insight score for each page

webperf-monitor - A cli to the pagespeed-monitor lib

  •    Javascript

At the moment this is a CLI tool for stashing a pagespeed insights score for each URL retrieved from a sitemap.

countly-sdk-js - Countly Product Analytics SDK for Icenium and Phonegap

  •    Java

Questions? Visit http://community.count.ly. Countly is an innovative, real-time, open source mobile analytics and push notifications platform. It collects data from mobile devices, and visualizes this information to analyze mobile application usage and end-user behavior. There are two parts of Countly: the server that collects and analyzes data, and mobile SDK that sends this data. Both parts are open source with different licensing terms.

ApplicationInsights-statsd - StatsD backend for Application Insights Node.js

  •    TypeScript

The ApplicationInsights StatsD backend enables easy pre-aggregation of lightweight StatsD metrics that can be then forwarded to Application Insights. You can add the appinsights backend into your existing StatsD project or into a new clone of the official StatsD repo.

newrelic-unix-monitor - Monitoring service for Unix (AIX, Linux, Mac, Solaris) systems

  •    Java

New Relic has open-sourced this integration to enable monitoring of this technology. This integration is provided AS-IS WITHOUT WARRANTY OR SUPPORT, although you can report issues and contribute to this integration via GitHub. Support for this integration is available with an Expert Services subscription. These settings are found in the agents object.

wp-graphql-insights - Insights and Logging for WPGraphQL

  •    PHP

This adds tracing to WPGraphQL, per the proposed Apollo Tracing Spec: https://github.com/apollographql/apollo-tracing. To install/activate the plugin, download from Github, unzip, and place in your plugins directory as wp-graphql-insights then activate like any other plugin.

keepfast-cli - :construction: work in progress

  •    Javascript

Keepfast in your command line with reporting, this tool helps front-end developers to keep a good performance scores.

facebook-insight-stream - Readable stream built over node-streams, provide stream api to read facebook insights

  •    Javascript

FacebookInsightStream provides stream API, built over node-readable-stream, to read facebook insights using the facebook Graph API V2.10. Currently facebook insights api return data per metric, this module joins all the list to one list by the insight date.

illuminsight - 💡👀 Read EPUB books with built-in insights from wikis, definitions, translations, and Google

  •    TypeScript

💡 illuminsight 👀 effortlessly generates insights for selected text within your EPUB-format books, showing you relevant, contextualized data at a glance. Once you're reading, highlight any text and illuminsight will automatically find data on the web, providing you with quick access to Wikipedia articles, web searches, definitions, and more, directly in the ebook reader.

internet-affordability - 🌍 Dataset that shows the Internet affordability by country (a shocking reality!)

  •    Jupyter

Access to the Internet is a basic human right, the United Nations declared in 2016, however, there are many countries that the Internet is still not affordable. In Europe, 87% of families enjoy Internet access, while that figure is only 18% in Africa. This project shows that there are countries that Internet access costs more than 20% of the average monthly income of a household.

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