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box-shadows.css - :pisces: A cross-browser collection of CSS box-shadows

  •    CSS

box-shadows.css is a collection of simple and pleasant shadows for you to use in your projects. Great for tables, homepages content, containers, navigation and other blocks your website. Version v1.0.5 became much simpler, since support for the prefix is no longer required. To verify this, check the support of your browser on the site Can I Use.

SCXcodeEditorInset - Xcode plugin that adds an empty (configurable) space to the end of the editor text view

  •    Objective-C

The amount of empty space is configurable through the View/Editor Inset/Size slider which goes from full page height to zero. It defaults to 30%, as highlighted in the screenshot. Any suggestions or improvements are more than welcome. Feel free to contact me at stefan.ceriu@gmail.com or @stefanceriu.

mapinsetr - Create map inset

  •    R

Map insets are small zoom-in or zoom-out maps that focus on particular territories within a general map. mapinsetr provides a set of functions that helps to create such insets. The previous version of the package was based on sp, rgeos and maptools. This version (0.2.0) is based on the sf package only.