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inky - Convert a simple HTML syntax into tables compatible with Foundation for Emails.

  •    Javascript

Inky is an HTML-based templating language that converts simple HTML into complex, responsive email-ready HTML. Designed for Foundation for Emails, a responsive email framework from ZURB. Inky can be used standalone, as a Gulp plugin, or with a CLI. You can also access the Inky parser class directly.

Ink for PocketPC

  •    DotNet

Simple Ink solution for people only need a ink and no need all OpenNetCf framework. This solution is based on Vertigo Software Ink sample and have some adjustments in code like Serialize, DeSerialize points and BackgroundImage property.

ink-image - Image component for Ink

  •    Javascript

Currently only supported on iTerm >=3.Besides the props below, it accepts props allowed in ansi-escapes.

path-illustrator - a simple client for illustrating vector paths

  •    Javascript

Work in progress. A client interface for drawing lines, curves and shapes with familiar Photoshop tools and keybaord shortcuts.The end goals for the project described here.

penplot - [WIP/EXPERIMENTAL] a development environment for generative and algorithmic art

  •    Javascript

An experimental and highly opinionated development environment for generative and pen plotter art.You can install this with npm.

generator-ink - Yeoman generator for projects using http://ink.sapo.pt

  •    HTML

A generator for Yeoman for projects using the awesome Ink framework http://ink.sapo.pt. Note: Make sure you have installed yeoman before installing this generator.

lectrote - The IF interpreter in an Electron shell

  •    Javascript

Lectrote packages up IF interpreters with the Chromium browser as a Mac/Win/Linux app. When launched, it prompts you to select a game file to play. You can play several games at the same time in separate windows. Your position is always autosaved; when you launch a game, your last play session will automatically be resumed.

ink-big-text - Awesome text component for Ink

  •    Javascript

Props except for text are passed as options to cfonts. The only difference is that the background option is named backgroundColor here. See the prop types in index.js for more.

ink-link - Link component for Ink

  •    Javascript

Supported terminals. For unsupported terminals, the link will be printed in parens after the text: My website (https://sindresorhus.com).

Mutters - A framework for building bot brains.

  •    Java

A Java framework for building bot brains. Heavily inspired by Amazon Echo's natural language understanding model. Currently SNAPSHOT builds are available in the Sonatype OSSRH repository.

ink-autocomplete - 🧠 An autocomplete component for Ink.

  •    Javascript

Autocomplete component for Ink. Use arrows to navigate up and down and press enter to submit.

generator-ink-cli - Scaffold out a CLI based on Ink

  •    Javascript

Scaffold out a CLI with Ink. Based on generator-nm by Sindre Sorhus. The --org option takes a string value (i.e. --org=avajs). All others are boolean flags and can be negated with the no prefix (i.e. --no-codecov). You will be prompted for any options not passed on the command-line.

ink-redux - Redux bindings for Ink

  •    Javascript

Redux bindings for Ink. See react-redux for documentation.

ink-select-input - Select input component for Ink

  •    Javascript

Items to display in a list. Each item must be an object and have label and value props. Listen to user's input. Useful in case there are multiple input components at the same time and input must be "routed" to a specific component.

ink-spinner - Spinner component for Ink

  •    Javascript

Spinner component for Ink. Uses cli-spinners for the collection of spinners. All props except the own ones listed below are passed as-is to <Color>, which means you can easily apply any color, without wrapping <Spinner> in <Color> manually.