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klass - a utility for creating expressive classes in JavaScript

  •    Javascript

An expressive, cross platform JavaScript Class provider with a classical interface to prototypal inheritance.

not-awesome-es6-classes - A curated list of resources on why ES6 (aka ES2015) classes are NOT awesome


Reverse-inspired by all of the awesome lists on GitHub, like Awesome, Awesome Awesomeness, Awesome JavaScript, Awesome React, Awesome Cycle.js, Awesome Go, Awesome Elixir, Awesome Elm, etc. While ES6 brings several useful and syntactically pleasing new features to JavaScript, there are many people in the JS community who feel that adding class syntax to the language was a mistake. I share this sentiment, but I have encountered quite a few programmers in the wild who don't agree or simply don't seem to understand why some of us have this opinion. So, I wanted to create an online reference where people could come to learn specifically about this issue and why they might not actually need class syntax in JavaScript.

stampit - OOP is better with stamps: Composable object factories.

  •    Javascript

Stampit is a 1.3KB gzipped (or 2.7K minified) JavaScript module which supports three different kinds of prototypal inheritance (delegation, concatenation, and functional) to let you inherit behavior in a way that is much more powerful and flexible than any other Object Oriented Programming model. Stamps are standardised composable factory functions. Stampit is an infected compose featuring friendly handy API.

clean-code-javascript - :bathtub: Clean Code concepts adapted for JavaScript

  •    Javascript

Software engineering principles, from Robert C. Martin's book Clean Code, adapted for JavaScript. This is not a style guide. It's a guide to producing readable, reusable, and refactorable software in JavaScript. Not every principle herein has to be strictly followed, and even fewer will be universally agreed upon. These are guidelines and nothing more, but they are ones codified over many years of collective experience by the authors of Clean Code.

CompositeAndroid - Composition over inheritance for Android components like Activity or Fragment

  •    Java

Allows to add functionality into an Android Activity. Just because we all have a BaseActivity in our projects containing too much unused stuff. When it grows, it get unmaintainable. Given you have an Activity showing a list of tweets (TweetStreamActivity) and you want add view tracking.

inherits - Easy simple tiny inheritance in JavaScript

  •    Javascript

Browser-friendly inheritance fully compatible with standard node.js inherits.This package exports standard inherits from node.js util module in node environment, but also provides alternative browser-friendly implementation through browser field. Alternative implementation is a literal copy of standard one located in standalone module to avoid requiring of util. It also has a shim for old browsers with no Object.create support.

mongoose-schema-extend - mongoose schema inheritance and discriminator key extension

  •    Javascript

Implements schema inheritance and an optional discriminator key which is useful for storing different types of related documents in a collection and fetching them with the correct model type. From version 0.2.1 mongoose-schema-extend is using harmony proxies. You will need to add the flag --harmony_proxies to your start command if you're using it, or use a previous version.

oo - Base library for OO style programming

  •    Javascript

A powerful Javascript Class Factory (Object oriented)

js-dejavu - A set of object-oriented tools for JavaScript

  •    Javascript

NOTE: This project is deprecated and is no longer mantained.Have you ever had the feeling that you're seeing something you've already seen before? That's the feeling you get when using dejavu.

pejs - Pre-compiled EJS with inheritance, block and file support that works both in the client and on the server

  •    Javascript

PEJS has an internal cache of parsed templates which means that when you render a template twice it will only parse it once.PEJS uses a similar file/module resolution as node.js.

oojs - Power for object oriented javascript libraries

  •    Javascript

OOjs is a JavaScript library for working with objects.Key features include inheritance, mixins and utilities for working with objects.

class-extend - Backbone like `Class.extend` for Node.js

  •    Javascript

.extend allow you to assign prototype and static methods.If no constructor method is assigned, the parent constructor method will be called by default.

node-function-class - Easy `Function` subclasses

  •    Javascript

Creates a function instance with specified name and length and prototype. Essentially, it's everything that you need to subclass the ECMAscript Function built-in type.You use the function-class/invoke Symbol to define the logic that will be executed when the created function instance is invoked.

selfish - Class-free, pure prototypal inheritance

  •    Javascript

Class-free, pure prototypal multiple inheritance that lets you write expressive, well-structured code. This is a list of things I may introduce in newer versions.

es-class - ECMAScript 3 to 6 compatible Class definition

  •    Javascript

which is a natural evolution of this project. It provides bare minimal functionality to deal with native classes without haveing ever any transpiler on its way. Feel free to test all features related to this project, and please come back if your browser is not green.

prototypal - JS inheritance done right

  •    Javascript

All utilities in this namespace should work with every JavaScript engine, down to IE6, Opera Mini, duktape, nodejs, and all others. This package is registered in bower too.

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