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SaltStack - Infrastructure automation and management system

Salt is a new approach to infrastructure management. Easy enough to get running in minutes, scalable enough to manage tens of thousands of servers, and fast enough to communicate with them in seconds. Salt delivers a dynamic communication bus for infrastructures that can be used for orchestration, remote execution, configuration management and much more.

paasta - An open, distributed platform as a service

Want to know more about the opinions behind what makes PaaSTA special? Check out the PaaSTA Principles.Note: PaaSTA has been running in production at Yelp for more than a year, and has a number of "Yelpisms" still lingering in the codebase. We have made efforts to excise them, but there are bound to be lingering issues. Please help us by opening an issue or better yet a pull request.

kubicorn - Simple. Cloud Native. Kubernetes. Infrastructure.

Create, manage, snapshot, and scale Kubernetes infrastructure in the public cloud.kubicorn is an unofficial project that solves the Kubernetes infrastructure problem and gives users a rich golang library to work with infrastructure.

Calico - A pure layer 3 approach for Virtual Networking for highly scalable data centers

Project Calico represents a new approach to virtual networking, based on the same scalable IP networking principles as the Internet. Unlike other virtual networking approaches, Calico does not use overlays, instead providing a pure Layer 3 approach to data center networking. Calico is simple to deploy and diagnose, provides a rich security policy, supports both IPv4 and IPv6 and can be used across a combination of bare-metal, VM and container workloads.

autospotting - Automatically replace AWS EC2 instances in AutoScaling groups with identically configured but up to 90% cheaper spot instances

A simple and easy to use tool designed to significantly lower your Amazon AWS costs by automating the use of spot instances. When installed and enabled on an existing on-demand AutoScaling group, AutoSpotting clones one of your on-demand instances from the group with a spot instance that is cheaper, at least as large (automatically considering memory, CPU cores and disk volumes) and configured identically to it. Once the new spot instance is ready, it is attached to the group and an on-demand instance is detached and terminated to keep the group at constant capacity.

Puppet - Server Automation Framework

Puppet Open Source is a flexible, customizable designed to help system administrators automate the many repetitive tasks they regularly perform. As a declarative, model-based approach to IT automation, it lets you define the desired state of your infrastructure using the Puppet configuration language. Once these configurations are deployed, Puppet automatically installs the necessary packages and starts the related services, and then regularly enforces the desired state.

kelda - Kelda, formerly Quilt, is an approachable way to deploy to the cloud.

Formerly known as Quilt.Deploying applications to the cloud can be painful. Booting virtual machines, configuring networks, and setting up databases, requires massive amounts of specialized knowledge — knowledge that’s scattered across documentation, blog posts, tutorials, and source code.

Energy Communications Solution

A networked grid, with advanced analytics, that consolidates data into an intelligent, instrumented and interconnected single platform for actionable insight.

nOsliw MBA - Module Based HTA Application

nOsliw MBA - Module Based HTA Application is a default HTA with ability to add modules of administration tools, similar to extensions/addons in browsers. Target is advanced IT Professionals of support users. Language is DHTML, JScript and HUI Library.

geoengineer - Infrastructure As Code

GeoEngineer provides a Ruby DSL and command line tool (geo) to codify then plan and execute changes to cloud resources.Instructions to install Terraform can be found here.

partinfra-playbooks - Participation infrastructure playbooks

partinfra-playbooks is a collection of Ansible playbooks to manage the infrastructure that powers various sites related to mozilla community. The code in this repository is authored and maintained by Mozilla engineers and a vibrant community of volunteer contributors.For issue tracking we use bugzilla.mozilla.org. Create a bug on bugzilla.mozilla.org under Participation Infrastructure > Community Ops component.

partinfra-terraform - Terraform configuration for Participation Infrastructure

partinfra-terraform is a collection of resources and modules to manage the cloud infrastructure that power various sites related to mozilla community. The code in this repository is authored and maintained by Mozilla engineers and a vibrant community of volunteer contributors.For issue tracking we use bugzilla.mozilla.org. Create a bug on bugzilla.mozilla.org under Participation Infrastructure > Community Ops component.

treescale - Event/Data distribution system without any configuration, but with data delivery guarantees

TreeScale is a technology which allows to build real-time PubSab applications with highly scalable architecture, using Math Tree/Graph based scalability instead of standard horizontal scalability.For building from source you will need Rust Language installed. There is only one command for building this project on all platforms which is supported by Rust.


This repository is a git read only copy of the ansible repository used by the gluster.org project to manage the infrastructure.If you want to contribute, please open a PR against that repository and if we do not react, please mail gluster-infra@gluster.org.

infra-integrations-sdk - New Relic Infrastructure Integrations SDK

New Relic Infrastructure, provided by New Relic, Inc (http://www.newrelic.com), offers flexible, dynamic server monitoring. We provide an SDK for creating an integration for reporting custom host and server data, including metric, event, and inventory (system state) data. That data will be findable and usable in New Relic Infrastructure and in New Relic Insights. You can find the complete documentation of the SDK on our docs site.This Go package helps take the complexity out of building an Infrastructure Integration by providing a set of useful GO functions and data structures. For instance, some common use cases like reading values from command-line arguments or environment variables, initializing a structure with all the necessary fields for an Integration defined by our SDK or generating and printing a JSON to stdout, are covered and simplified by this package.

metaparticle - A new pattern for distributed system development

NB: This is really a work in progress for now.Metaparticle is intended to radically simplify the process of building distributed systems. Metaparticle intends to remove much of the boilerplate associated with implementing and deploying common distributed system patterns. Metaparticle enables you to focus on your code, while allowing you to treat your architecture as code as well.

fabric - Fabric is an experimental protocol for exchanging information.

Notice: use of Fabric in production is not recommended in its current state. Please wait for an official release before deploying.Fabric is a research project intent on discovering the best means for developing secure, decentralized applications that benefit humanity in its relentless pursuit of truth.

infrastructure-puppet - Apache Infrastructure Puppet

You can use the bin/pull script to clone all of the 3rd party modules and sync the repo.

amp - An open source CaaS for Docker, batteries included.

An open source CaaS for Docker, batteries included.While not recommended for production use quite yet, it's getting close (anticipated shortly after v0.12). You'll be able to create your own HA cluster on the cloud, or use our playground. In the meantime, you can get started on your own laptop with amp cluster create using the CLI.