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  •    CSharp

Very simple and portable interface to view/scan the information on your server farm (or any machines) at a glance Includes name, OS, owners, programs, databases and websites/ports present - plus a GUI for WMI queries. Built with Asp.Net MVC 2, C# and XML.

Teudu: A Kinect Driven Visual Communication System

  •    DotNet

An attempt to leverage the Kinect in NUI for an interactive, metro-styled info-display with live-tiles (ala Windows Phone).

General Ontology & Text Engineering Architecture for .NET


GOTA is an OpenSource online & collaborative text engineering development environment for .NET. GOTA aims to simplify and parallelize the development of information extraction projects.

Consumer Direction Module (CDM)


A web-based management information system designed specifically for participant-directed long-term care programs. The CDM creates system-wide efficiencies, quality, and cost savings by integrating information sharing, planning tools, and reporting in a highly configurable tool.



Personal Knowledge Archive and Social Networking Status and Reporting.

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