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resin - 32-bit vector space search engine

  •    CSharp

A full-text search engine with HTTP API and programmable read/write pipelines. To provide full-text search words and phrases are extracted from documents and mapped to a 2 billion dimensional vector-space that form clusters of syntactically similar "bag-of-chars". In this language model, each character (glyph) is encoded as a 32-bit word (an int), and each word or phrase alike encoded as a 32-bit wide (but sparse) array.

cuNVSM - Neural Vector Space Models

  •    Cuda

⚠️ You need a CUDA-compatible GPU (compute capability 5.2+) to use this software. cuNVSM is a C++/CUDA implementation of state-of-the-art NVSM and LSE representation learning algorithms.

pyndri - pyndri is a Python interface to the Indri search engine.

  •    Python

pyndri is a Python interface to the Indri search engine (http://www.lemurproject.org/indri/). During development, we use Python 3.5. Some of the examples require numpy.

pytrec_eval - pytrec_eval is an Information Retrieval evaluation tool for Python, based on the popular trec_eval

  •    C++

pytrec_eval is a Python interface to TREC's evaluation tool, trec_eval. It is an attempt to stop the cultivation of custom implementations of Information Retrieval evaluation measures for the Python programming language. The module was developed using Python 3.5. You need a Python distribution that comes with development headers. In addition to the default Python modules, numpy and scipy are required.

SERT - Semantic Entity Retrieval Toolkit

  •    Python

The Semantic Entity Retrieval Toolkit (SERT) is a collection of neural entity retrieval algorithms. SERT requires Python 3.5 and assorted modules. The trec_eval utility is required for evaluation and the end-to-end scripts. If you wish to train your models on GPGPUs, you will need a GPU compatible with Theano.

rust-stemmers - A rust implementation of some popular snowball stemming algorithms

  •    Rust

This crate implements some stemmer algorithms found in the snowball project which are compiled to rust using the rust-backend of the snowball compiler.