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pako - high speed zlib port to javascript, works in browser & node.js

  •    Javascript

zlib's test is partially affected by marshalling (that make sense for inflate only). You can change deflate level to 0 in benchmark source, to investigate details. For deflate level 6 results can be considered as correct.

zlib - A Massively Spiffy Yet Delicately Unobtrusive Compression Library

  •    C

zlib is a general purpose data compression library. All the code is thread safe. It is ported to different programming languages like Java, CSharp, Python and Perl.

JSZip - Create, read and edit .zip files with Javascript

  •    Javascript

A library for creating, reading and editing .zip files with JavaScript, with a lovely and simple API.

Snappy Java - Snappy compressor/decompressor for Java

  •    Java

snappy-java is a Java port of the snappy, a fast C++ compresser/decompresser developed by Google. It does fast compression/decompression around 200~400MB/sec, Less memory usage. SnappyOutputStream uses only 32KB+ in default, Compression/decompression of Java primitive arrays (float[], double[], int[], short[], long[], etc.) and lot more.

zlib-ng - zlib replacement with optimizations for "next generation" systems.

  •    C

The motivation for this fork was due to seeing several 3rd party contributions containing new optimizations not getting implemented into the official zlib repository. Mark Adler has been maintaining zlib for a very long time, and he has done a great job and hopefully he will continue for a long time yet. The idea of zlib-ng is not to replace zlib, but to co-exist as a drop-in replacement with a lower threshold for code change.

minizlib - A smaller, faster, zlib stream built on http://npm

  •    Javascript

A tiny fast zlib stream built on minipass and Node.js's zlib binding.This module was created to serve the needs of node-tar v2. If your needs are different, then it may not be for you.

incoming - Transform loose and complex input into consistent, strongly-typed data structures

  •    PHP

Incoming is a PHP library designed to simplify and abstract the transformation of loose, complex input data into consistent, strongly-typed data structures. Born out of inspiration from using Fractal, Incoming can be seen as a spiritual inversion. When working with data models of any kind (database, remote service, etc), it can be a huge pain to take raw input data and turn it into anything usable. Even worse is when something changes and you have to duplicate code or try and keep backwards compatibility. Incoming is here to make all this easier while enabling you to create more concern-separated, reusable, and testable code.

decompress - Pure OCaml implementation of Zlib.

  •    OCaml

Decompress is a pure implementation of zlib. The goal is to create an available package for Mirage OS for zlib in OCaml (instead a C code). The interface proposed is a non-blocking interface.

tiny-inflate - A tiny inflate implementation

  •    Javascript

This is a port of Joergen Ibsen's tiny inflate to JavaScript. Minified it is about 3KB, or 1.3KB gzipped. While being very small, it is also reasonably fast (about 30% - 50% slower than pako on average), and should be good enough for many applications. If you need the absolute best performance, however, you'll need to use a larger library such as pako that contains additional optimizations. To use tiny-inflate, you need two things: a buffer of data compressed with deflate, and the decompressed size (often stored in a file header) to allocate your output buffer. Input and output buffers can be either node Buffers, or Uint8Arrays.

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