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stream.js - A tiny stand-alone Javascript library for streams

stream.js is a tiny Javascript library that unlocks a new data structure for you: streams. Go to https://dionyziz.github.io/stream.js-website/ to read all about what streams are and how they can make your code better and your soul happier.

scrollerjs - A JavaScript library that helps you build performant UI components for the web

A JavaScript library that helps you build performant UI scrollers for the web. Due to time constraints, it's been a while since I haven't have the time to maintain it properly, so don't expect much activity on this repo (nor expect any bug fixes any time soon).


A jQuery plugin that turns your regular paginated page into an infinite scrolling page using AJAX

vue-mugen-scroll - Infinite scroll component for Vue.js 2

むげん [mugen] means Infinity in English.The handler function to run after you scroll to the bottom of the list. It will also be invoked on component mounted and the mugen-scroll component is visible in viewport.


Minecraft style terrain engine in SharpDX, SlimDX, C# XNA 4.0

ASP.NET MVC Infinite Scroll

An infinite scroll is a nice solution when you need to display large amounts of content in page, it helps by increasing performance in such a page because only a specific number of items is shown when the page first loads. As the user scrolls down, more content is shown.

scroll-frame - Retain your scroll position between pages using an iframe

Retain your scroll position between pages using an iframe. Especially helpful for infinite scrolling views.

ui-scroll - Unlimited bidirectional scrolling over a limited element buffer

The common way to present to the user a list of data elements of undefined length is to start with a small portion at the top of the list - just enough to fill the space on the page. Additional rows are appended to the bottom of the list as the user scrolls down the list.The problem with this approach is that even though rows at the top of the list become invisible as they scroll out of the view, they are still a part of the page and still consume resources. As the user scrolls down the list grows and the web app slows down.

wireframe-world - An infinite wireframe world in WebGL

As for the implementation, it is not very difficult stuff; I divide up the world into chunks(just like in Minecraft), and as the camera traverses the world, the chunks that become out of range are thrown away and are no longer rendered. And in the far away horizon I keep adding new chunks, to give the illusion that the world is infinite. Port the program into screensavers for OS X, Windows and Linux.


A simple jQuery plugin to be used for handling pagination on vertical scroll

virtual-list - Scrollable list of DOM elements that can hold an unlimited amount of rows without breaking a sweat

Allows the developer to create massively long lists that perform extremely fast by loading just the part of the list showing up on the viewport, and by optimizing the amount of DOM operations and reflows.

react-scroll - An infinite scroll container for react,write by typescript.

An effective react infinite scroll container. inspired by twitter's blog.As the pwa(progressive web app) becoming more popular, the performance and user experience are more and more important. And infinite scroll is almost the most important part within a pwa project. But i found the results by searching react infinite scroller on github are not my needs. Fortunately, I found this article of twitter on medium by chance. That's i want. So I tried to implement one.