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rename-fn - Rename a function

  •    Javascript

JavaScript engines are very good at inferring function names. You probably don't need this unless you want a different name.Function to rename.

detect-indent - Detect the indentation of code

  •    Javascript

Pass in a string of any kind of text and get the indentation.The current algorithm looks for the most common difference between two consecutive non-empty lines.

mimic-fn - Make a function mimic another one

  •    Javascript

Useful when you wrap a function in another function and like to preserve the original name and other properties.It will copy over the properties name, length, displayName, and any custom properties you may have set.

article-title - Extract the article title of a HTML document

  •    HTML

It's often quite hard to get the actual title of an article from a page as authors either add a bunch of trash to <title> or don't use it at all. There's also no standardized way to indicate the title of an article in the markup. This module uses some heuristics to extract it cleanly.

eclint - Validate or fix code that doesn't adhere to EditorConfig settings or infer settings from existing code

  •    TypeScript

ECLint is a tool for validating or fixing code that doesn't adhere to settings defined in .editorconfig. It also infers settings from existing code. See the EditorConfig Project for details about the .editorconfig file. This version of ECLint runs on EditorConfig Core 0.15.x.

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