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Pilosa - Distributed bitmap index that dramatically accelerates queries across multiple, massive data sets

  •    Go

Pilosa is an open source, distributed bitmap index that dramatically accelerates continuous analysis across multiple, massive data sets. Pilosa collapses the speed and batch layer by abstracting the index from data storage, optimizing it for massive scale, and making your data instantly queryable and continuously analyzable.

MHTextSearch - A fast full-text search library for Objective-C

  •    Objective-C

A fast & minimal embedded full-text indexing library, written in Objective-C, built on top of Objective-LevelDB.By far, the easiest way to integrate this library in your project is by using CocoaPods.

flow-indexer - Flow-Indexer indexes flows found in chunked log files from bro,nfdump,syslog, or pcap files

  •    Go

The deciding factor for how to partition the databases is how many unique ips you see per day. I suggest starting with monthly indexes. If the indexing performance takes a huge hit by the end of the month, switch to daily indexes. the indexall command will expand file_glob and index any log file that matches.

index - fisherman index search and CI tests

  •    Go

The fisherman index powers the online search. Create a pull request in this repository.

blast - Blast is a full text search and indexing server. It is written in Go built on top of Bleve.

  •    Go

Blast is a full text search and indexing server written in Go built on top of the Bleve. It provides functions through gRPC (HTTP/2 + Protocol Buffers) or traditional RESTful API (HTTP/1.1 + JSON). Blast uses Raft consensus algorithm to achieve consensus across all the instances of the nodes, ensuring that every change made to the system is made to a quorum of nodes, or none at all. Blast makes it easy for programmers to develop search applications with advanced features. Blast requires Bleve and Bleve Extensions. Some Bleve Extensions requires C/C++ libraries. The following sections are instructions for satisfying dependencies on particular platforms.

jrnl - Quick and easy CLI journaling tool for Github wiki journals.

  •    Go

A quick and easy CLI journaling tool that uses Github Wiki repos for organizing journal entries. jrnl has the ability to tag a journal entry so that it can be easily referenced and found.

dfi - Peer-to-peer torrent indexing

  •    Go

This project, after some advice, is no longer being actively worked on. The git history has been removed for a similar reason. A distributed file sharing and indexing network.

bkdtree - Persistent Block KD Tree In Golang for Search Filtering

  •    Go

Persistent Block KD Tree In Golang for Search Filtering

indexer - Indexing Module for elasticell (https://github.com/deepfabric/elasticell)

  •    Go

Indexing library written in Golang, similar to Lucene(https://lucene.apache.org/core/) and Bleve (https://github.com/blevesearch/bleve). It supports numerical fields and text fields. Numerical value can be a multi-dimension uint64 point. Text value can be UTF-8 string, and it's tokenized by spliting the text with UTF-8 whitespace characters.