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solr2solr - Copy one Solr index to another

  •    CoffeeScript

This tool will query a given Solr index and copy it to another. Along the way it will give you the opportunity to change field names, drop fields altogether, and fabricate new fields. The goal of this tool isn't to be a suitable means to move large production indices around, though if your index is smallish, it will serve that purpose. It is instead meant to facilitate the development lifecycle during which schemas are constantly changing and real data isn't yet available, or isn't available in a quantity to stress Solr.

nice-index - Atom package to rename `index.js` files to their parent directory names

  •    CoffeeScript

An Atom package that automatically renames index.* files to their parent directory name. It's common practice, in web development, to give your directories semantically-relevant names, but to give the primary file the name of index.js, index.html, index.css, etc.