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react-native-progress - Progress indicators and spinners for React Native using ReactART

  •    Javascript

Progress indicators and spinners for React Native using ReactART. To use the Pie or Circle components, you need to include the ART library in your project on iOS, for android it's already included.

ui-indeterminate - Toggle a checkbox input's special 'indeterminate' property

  •    Javascript

Provides an easy way to toggle a checkbox input's special 'indeterminate' property. This is a visual toggle only and in no way affects the model or value outside of native browser behavior at this time.gulp watch will automatically test your code and build a release whenever source files change.

react-native-shimmer - Simple shimmering effect for any view in React Native

  •    Objective-C

Simple shimmering effect in React Native. Based on Shimmer/shimmer-android. Add ios/RNShimmer.xcodeproj to Libraries and add libRNShimmer.a to Link Binary With Libraries under Build Phases. More info and screenshots about how to do this is available in the React Native documentation.

bootstrap-checkbox-x - An extended checkbox plugin for bootstrap with three states and additional styles

  •    CSS

An extended checkbox plugin for Bootstrap built using JQuery, which allows three checkbox states and includes additional styles. The plugin uses Bootstrap markup and CSS 3 styling by default, but it can be overridden with any other CSS markup. It also helps you to fallback to a native checkbox OR display native checkboxes with tristate capability. With v1.5.5, the plugin now supports initializing widget on a SELECT input as well (other than a CHECKBOX or TEXT input).

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