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js-spark-md5 - Lightning fast normal and incremental md5 for javascript

  •    Javascript

SparkMD5 is a fast md5 implementation of the MD5 algorithm. This script is based in the JKM md5 library which is the fastest algorithm around. This is most suitable for browser usage, because nodejs version might be faster. NOTE: Please disable Firebug while performing the test! Firebug consumes a lot of memory and CPU and slows the test by a great margin.

Tree-sitter - An incremental parsing system for programmings tools

  •    Rust

Tree-sitter is a parser generator tool and an incremental parsing library. It can build a concrete syntax tree for a source file and efficiently update the syntax tree as the source file is edited. It is robust and parse any programming language. It is enough to provide useful results even in the presence of syntax errors.

sw-delta - An incremental cache for the web

  •    Javascript

Continuous delivery is great, but it comes at a price on performances. The more you deliver, the less browsers will use assets they had in cache, because of file versioning. Even if you only changed one letter in a file, it will get downloaded entirely. sw-delta is a project that makes the browser download only the delta ( = diff = incremental download) between the previously cached file and the required version of the file. It is based on the Service Worker API.

backintime - Back In Time - A simple backup tool for Linux

  •    Python

Back In Time is a simple backup tool for Linux, inspired by "flyback project". It provides a command line client 'backintime' and a Qt5 GUI 'backintime-qt' both written in Python3.

BartyCrouch - Localization/I18n: Incrementally update your Strings files from

  •    Swift

BartyCrouch incrementally updates your Strings files from your Code and from Interface Builder files. "Incrementally" means that BartyCrouch will by default keep both your already translated values and even your altered comments. Additionally you can also use BartyCrouch for machine translating from one language to 40+ other languages. Using BartyCrouch is as easy as running a few simple commands from the command line what can even be automated using a build script within your project. Bartycrouch now is part of Homebrew Core! No tap needed any more.

retry - A simple, stateless, functional mechanism to perform actions repetitively until successful.

  •    Go

A simple, stateless, functional mechanism to perform actions repetitively until successful. This project is currently in "pre-release". While the code is heavily tested, the API may change. Vendor (commit or lock) this dependency if you plan on using it.

react-countup - 💫 A configurable React component wrapper around CountUp.js

  •    Javascript

A configurable React component wrapper around CountUp.js. This will start a count up transition from 0 to 100 on render.

Roguathia - A small roguelike.

  •    Javascript

A small roguelike.

watchify-middleware - a server for faster watchify development

  •    Javascript

For practical implementations, see watchify-server or budo.For a more complete example, see example/server.js.

watchify-server - a bare-bones development server for watchify

  •    Javascript

This is a bare-bones development server for watchify. For a more feature-rich development server built on the same underlying modules, see budo.Typically this module is used via a CLI, but it also exposes a simple JavaScript API.

oibackoff - incremental backoff flow-control for any : fn(function(err, data) { ... });

  •    Javascript

Incremental backoff flow-control for any fn(function(err, data) { ... });. Please note that this repo is stable. This means there may not be many commits, issues or releases. This is normal. Please submit any issues for any queries you may have.

broccoli-fast-browserify - A caching, flexible Browserify Broccoli filter

  •    Javascript

NOTE: We are locked into browserify version < 10.2.5 because Browserify changed the way they handle symlinks, and we need to adjust broccoli-fast-browserify to handle this. As soon as broccoli-fast-browserify is fixed, we will bump the version of browserify. The broccoli-fast-browserify plugin bundles your assets with browserify.

PHP-Backuper - A framework which will help you to make (incremental) backups of your site.

  •    PHP

This is a framework which will help you making (incremental) backups of your site, pack them to archive (every format that PHAR supports) and save it into remote or local locations, such as different cloud storages, FTP servers, e-mail, file sharing services, etc... Extremely useful for daily backup The framework is written in pure php an can be used on free hostings with supported PHP version ( 5.4+) and was designed as extensible. Feel free to fork and modify it.

irf - Incremental Random Forest

  •    C++

The forest is maintained incrementally as samples are added or removed - rather than fully rebuilt from scratch every time - to save effort. It is not a streaming implementation, all the samples are stored and will be reseen when required to recursively rebuild invalidated subtrees. The effort to update each individual tree can vary substantially but the overall effort to update the forest is averaged across the trees so tends not to vary so much.

react-counter - Simple incremental counter with easings

  •    Javascript

A dead-simple incremental counter component with easing animations.

gulp-bro - :punch: gulp + browserify + incremental build, done right.

  •    Javascript

gulp + browserify + incremental build, done right. Even through gulp has recipes to make things work, configuring browserify needs too much boilerplate and understanding about how things work. gulp-bro looks like any other gulp plugin, it does the exact same thing you can do manually, but hides the ugly stuff for you.

csr-matrix - Compressed sparse row matrix for node.js

  •    Javascript

A very minimal incremental compressed sparse row matrix library for JavaScript. Turns an array of entries of the form [row, column, value] into a sparse matrix. Note that if there are some zero rows or columns at the end of the matrix, you need to specify the number of rows/columns in the optional nrows/ncols arguments.

sprockets-bumble_d - Facilitating incremental migration of a large Sprockets-powered javascript codebase to ES6 modules

  •    Ruby

Babel + UMD = BumbleD. Incrementally migrate your Sprockets-powered javascript to ES6 modules by transforming them to UMD modules that preserve your existing global references. ES6 modules are the future. The syntax is great: it's concise and straightforward, and the static and explicit nature of import and export statements make your code a complete spec of its dependencies and how to resolve them. This means that moving to ES6 modules also makes moving away from Sprockets //= require directives for javascript bundling (and Sprockets in general) much easier.

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