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lazysizes - High performance and SEO friendly lazy loader for images (responsive and normal), iframes and more, that detects any visibility changes triggered through user interaction, CSS or JavaScript without configuration

  •    Javascript

lazysizes is a fast (jank-free), SEO-friendly and self-initializing lazyloader for images (including responsive images picture/srcset), iframes, scripts/widgets and much more. It also prioritizes resources by differentiating between crucial in view and near view elements to make perceived performance even faster. It may become also your number one tool to integrate responsive images. It can automatically calculate the sizes attribute for your responsive images, it allows you to share media queries for your media attributes with your CSS, helping to separate layout (CSS) from content/structure (HTML) and it makes integrating responsive images into any environment really simple. It also includes a set of optional plugins to further extend its functionality.

gitdown - GitHub markdown preprocessor.

  •    Javascript

Gitdown adds additional functionality (generating table of contents, including documents, using variables, etc.) to GitHub Flavored Markdown. Gitdown is designed to be run using either of the build systems, such as Gulp or Grunt.

PhoneGap Extensions - Alpha Version


This project was created to solve some issues about PhoneGap. The first issue to solve is how to reuse HTML code through include files.

grunt-preprocess - Preprocess files based off environment configuration

  •    Javascript

The additional context on top of ENV that should be passed to templates. If NODE_ENV is not set, the task sets it to development by default.


  •    JQuery

This native javaScript module provides a full featured import mechanism like python, php, c++ etc.

subsume - Embed data in other data and easily extract it when needed

  •    Javascript

Can for example be useful when you run a child process that has multiple entities writing to stdout and you want to handle those outputs differently. I personally use it in run-jxa to allow the code run in that context to use console.log, but also allow me to send the result of the execution back through console.log.Returns a new subsume instance.

grunt-include-replace - Grunt task to include files and replace variables

  •    Javascript

Grunt task to include files and replace variables.The task allows you to preprocess your project file contents by replacing placeholder "variables" and including content from other files. In addition to "global" variables that are replaced in all files you specify, the task introduces the concept of "local" variables, which are passed as parameters to included files.

bulk-require - require whole directory of trees in bulk

  •    Javascript

You can also bind arguments by passing in an array instead of a glob string.In this instance data.js has multiple individual exports but argument binding also works if you export a single function with module.exports= assignment.

include-all - An easy way to include all files within a directory

  •    Javascript

An easy way to include all node.js modules within a directory.This utility is called by the moduleloader hook in Sails.js.

gulp-imports - Gulp plugin for importing/including files via simple import() comments while building/concatenating

  •    Javascript

A gulp plugin to make file imports/includes easy. WARNING - this is still alphaware - I still need to add tests and examples for more than just JavaScript & HTML imports.

getmodule - Include local NodeJS modules relative to your root path

  •    Javascript

Now, you can call any module based on root path of your application.

grunt-includes - Include content from other files

  •    Javascript

An example site can be found at grunt-includes-example. Flatten all file sources to the destination directory. For example source/file/path.html will be shortened to path.html.

grunt-bake - bakes parsed templates into files in order to ease the process of creating static pages

  •    Javascript

Bake static pages for production while using modular files while in development. This module helps creating static pages while still having the coding comfort of multiple small files. It also helps not to repeat yourself as includes can be used at multiple places.

node-optional - NodeJS module to let you optionally include modules (instead of 'require')

  •    Javascript

Node-optional allows you to optionally 'require' modules without surrounding everything with 'try/catch'. Usage and installation is easy and this module itself is very easy and straightforward to use.

cfn-include - Fn::Include for CloudFormation templates

  •    Javascript

cfn-include is a preprocessor for CloudFormation templates which extends CloudFormation's intrinsic functions. For example, Fn::Include provides a convenient way to include files, which can be local, a URL or on an S3 bucket (with proper IAM authentication if necessary). It supports both JSON and YAML as input and output format. CloudFormation's tag syntax for YAML (e.g. !GetAtt) is supported as well. cfn-include tries to be minimally invasive, meaning that the template will still look and feel like an ordinary CloudFormation template. This is what sets cfn-include apart from other CloudFormation preprocessors such as CFNDSL, StackFormation and AWSBoxen. There is no need to use a scripting language or adjust to new syntax. Check them out though, they might be a better fit for you.

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