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HyperSQL - Java Database

  •    Java

HyperSQL supports the widest range of SQL Standard features seen in any open source database engine. It offers a small, fast database engine which offers in-memory and disk-based tables and supports embedded and server modes. It is a relational database engine written in Java, with a JDBC driver, conforming to ANSI SQL:2008. It alsi supports transaction isolation, multiversion concurrency and ACID, Java stored procedures, Scalability and lot more.

haro - Harō is a modern immutable DataStore

  •    Javascript

Harō is a modern immutable DataStore built with ES6 features, which can be wired to an API for a complete feedback loop. It is un-opinionated, and offers a plug'n'play solution to modeling, searching, & managing data on the client, or server (in RAM). It is a partially persistent data structure, by maintaining version sets of records in versions (MVCC). Synchronous commands return an Array instantly, while asynchronous commands return Promises which will resolve or reject in the future. This allows you to build complex applications without worrying about managing async code.


  •    CSharp

DeveelDB Core is an embeddable SQL-99 database system for .NET Core and .NET Standard frameworks, derived from DeveelDB (http://github.com/deveel/deveeldb) project

minidb - A minimal in-memory distributed master-less document database

  •    Erlang

This is a minimal in-memory distributed master-less document database database. Note: to get everything: minidb:find([]).

hazelcast-kubernetes - Hazelcast clustering for Kubernetes made easy.


Hazelcast clustering for Kubernetes made easy. It includes a lean Hazelcast container image, based on Alpine Linux, with Kubernetes discovery support. You can test with a local cluster. Check this other repository from yours truly.

hazelcast-kubernetes-bootstrapper - Hazelcast cluster discovery mechanism for Kubernetes.

  •    Java

Hazelcast (3.10) cluster discovery mechanism for Kubernetes. Kubernetes is an open source orchestration system for Docker containers. It handles scheduling onto nodes in a compute cluster and actively manages workloads to ensure that their state matches the users declared intentions. Using the concepts of "labels" and "pods", it groups the containers which make up an application into logical units for easy management and discovery.

botellier - A distributed key-value data store.

  •    Kotlin

A distributed key-value data store. It aims to be a simple Redis clone for the JVM. To keep things simple, Botellier uses single-leader replication. Each replica is a whole copy of the leader, and no sharding/partitioning is used.

memstate - In-memory event-sourced ACID-transactional distributed object graph engine for

  •    CSharp

In-memory event-sourced ACID-transactional replicated object graph engine. What? Can you say that again? Ok, it's an application server that keeps all your data in RAM. It runs without a database because all the transactions are recorded in a log and used to restore the state of the application at startup or when setting up a replica. You define the object model, commands and queries using C#. Besides being very simple Memstate is also very fast and will outperform any relational database. Your data fits in RAM. Moving bits and pieces back and forth between disk and memory is slow, difficult to maintain and error prone. Use Memstate to structure and manage your data in-memory, providing transparent persistence, high performance, high availability, concurrency control and transactions with strong ACID guarantees.

jylis - A distributed in-memory database for Conflict-free Replicated Data Types (CRDTs)

  •    Pony

Jylis is a distributed in-memory database for Conflict-free Replicated Data Types (CRDTs), built for speed, scalability, availability, and ease of use. Visit the website for more information.

redis - Baidu Ksarch Redis - a production solution of redis cluster


This is a Redis Cluster Controller to control the state of the cluster nodes and provide http api and tools(both command line and web ui). It is production-ready and used at baidu.com, with a scale of 2000+ machines.

winnow - Run SQL queries against GeoJSON without a database

  •    Javascript

Winnow is made for applying sql to geojson in memory. It is useful for working against geojson objects but also has built-in primitives for piping streams. A sql where statement.