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Java - All Algorithms implemented in Java

  •    Java

Algorithms are implemented in Java. This is for education purpose only. Algorithms include Sorting, Search Algorithms, Dynamic Programming, Ciphers, Data Structures and few more.

transformer - A TensorFlow Implementation of the Transformer: Attention Is All You Need

  •    Python

I tried to implement the idea in Attention Is All You Need. They authors claimed that their model, the Transformer, outperformed the state-of-the-art one in machine translation with only attention, no CNNs, no RNNs. How cool it is! At the end of the paper, they promise they will make their code available soon, but apparently it is not so yet. I have two goals with this project. One is I wanted to have a full understanding of the paper. Often it's hard for me to have a good grasp before writing some code for it. Another is to share my code with people who are interested in this model before the official code is unveiled. I got a BLEU score of 17.14. (Recollect I trained with a small dataset, limited vocabulary) Some of the evaluation results are as follows. Details are available in the results folder.


  •    CSharp

SQLS is a simple SQL Server batch file generator. Designed to be used as part of implementations or patches to apply TSQL scripts to a SQL Server. SQL 2000 'osql' and SQL 2005/8 'sqlcmd' are supported.

ml_implementation - Implementation of Machine Learning Algorithms

  •    Python

These are the implementation of machine learning algorithms from scratch.

fakeredis - fake redis for node.js (unmaintained)

  •    Javascript

This module provides easy-to-use simulated instances of Redis to which you appear to be connected via the redis client by Matt Ranney. It helps with writing tests in two ways: your tests won't require an actual redis instance and you'll be able to safely run as many tests in parallel as you want. In other words, every time you create a client specifying the same port and/or name you reuse the same simulated backend. This makes most sense when you need a concurrent client setup for some test, say because you need to publish / subscribe, or because you want to test something that's based on MULTI/EXEC and uses optimistic locking with WATCH/UNWATCH.

class - Port of Prototype.js inheritance implementation for Node.js.

  •    Javascript

Class.create returns a function that, when called, will fire its own initialize method. Class.create accepts two kinds of arguments. If the first argument is a Class, it's treated as the new class's superclass, and all its methods are inherited. Otherwise, any arguments passed are treated as objects, and their methods are copied over as instance methods of the new class.

CoreFoundation - Custom implementation of Apple's CoreFoundation framework intended to be used in the XEOS operating system as a base for its Objective-C library

  •    C

This project is a custom implementation of Apple's CoreFoundation framework intended to be used in the XEOS operating system as a base for its Objective-C library. Actually, the project targets macOS, Linux and Windows, and should compile fine on these platforms.

bytenet_translation - A TensorFlow Implementation of Machine Translation In Neural Machine Translation in Linear Time

  •    Python

After 15 epochs, I obtained the Bleu score 7.38, which is far from good. Maybe some part in the implementation is incorrect. Or maybe we need more data or a bigger model. Details are available in the results folder.

peachpie-wordpress - WordPress running on .NET Core.

  •    CSharp

This project demonstrates how to start an ASP.NET Core server, integrate WordPress into its pipeline and add additional PHP plugins into it. Even though the project is noticeably small, it contains the entire WordPress CMS. How? This complex PHP web framework was already compiled into the .NET Standard library (see PeachPie compiler platform for more information) and packed into a NuGet package. This demo may just reference it.

ethereum-erc721 - Non-fungible token implementation for Ethereum-based blockchains.

  •    Solidity

This is the complete reference implementation of the ERC-721 non-fungible token standard for the Ethereum and Wanchain blockchains. This is an open source project, complete with Specron testing. Purpose of this implementation is to provide a good starting point for anyone who wants to use and develop non-fungible tokens on the Ethereum and Wanchain blockchains. Instead of re-implementing the ERC-721 yourself you can use this code which has gone through multiple audits and we hope it will be extensively used by the community in the future.

PIMPL - Generic C++11 PIMPL implementation

  •    C++

Generic C++11 PIMPL implementation. PIMPL is released under the terms of the Boost Software License - Version 1.0.

MSPeekCollectionViewDelegateImplementation - A custom paging behavior that peeks the previous and next items in a collection view

  •    Swift

Current design trends require complex designs which allow horizontal scrolling inside vertical scrolling. So to show the users that they can scroll vertically, a peeking item should be shown on the side. This library does exactly that. I wrote this library because there's no pod that does this simple feature. Also, other libraries require me to inherit from a UICollectionViewController, which doesn't give alot of freedom if I'm inheriting from other View Controllers. To run the example project, clone the repo, and run pod install from the Example directory first.

Algorithms - A collection of various useful algorithms and data structures along with their Java implementations

  •    Java

Interesting math problems that can be solved computationally; full problem set available here. The Project Euler folder contains the full inventory of problems I've implemented with it's own table of contents here. Competitive programming style problems from previous competitions. The Google Code Jam folder contains the full inventory of problems I've implemented with it's own table of contents here.

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