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js-quantities - JavaScript library for quantity calculation and unit conversion

  •    Javascript

JS-quantities is originally a JavaScript port of Kevin Olbrich's library Ruby Units (http://github.com/olbrich/ruby-units). The library aims to simplify the handling of units for scientific calculations involving quantities.

convert-units - An elegant way to convert quantities between different units.

  •    Javascript

A handy utility for converting between quantities in different units.convert-units has a simple chained API that is easy to read.

metrick - 📏 Babel-powered unit magick

  •    Javascript

Metrick is a library which allows you to convert units and avoid using magic numbers! In combination with a JavaScript syntax extension included with Babel, it allows for a new, clean and human-like syntax for doing so. The explicit syntax makes use of an in function to convert the original unit into another supplied unit. Passing a valid Unit object of the same type to in will return the result as a number.

conversion.js - Simple lightweight library to convert temperature, mass, speed, and length

  •    Javascript

A lightweight javascript conversion library for translating temperature, speed, mass and length values. Conversion.js is freely distributable under the terms of the MIT license.

Imperial - Federated Authentication with OAuth providers

  •    Swift

Imperial is a Federated Login service, allowing you to easily integrate your Vapor applications with OAuth providers to handle your apps authentication. All code contained in the Imperial package is under the MIT license agreement.